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Traffic police took action against 193 taxi drivers over a week-long period in the Kathmandu Valley for stealing from passengers or breaking rules.

According to figures from the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, taxi drivers booked by on-duty cops have been caught in the act of negotiating over the fare, refusing to provide service based on the fare meter and operating taxis with a tampered meter.

MTPD said traffic cops continued their actions against unscrupulous taxi drivers because they showed no signs of following the rules. Traffic personnel – in uniform and in civilian clothes – have been deployed to busy areas including hospitals and bus parks to catch rule breakers.

They also monitor taxis day and night when taxi drivers attempt to scam passengers by taking advantage of emergencies and unavailability of public vehicles.

According to MTPD, an average of 25 taxi drivers are booked daily for frightened commuters. MTPD called on passengers to call the traffic control room (103) or text 9851295100 or file a complaint through MTPD’s Facebook page to take action against fraudulent taxi drivers.

Despite police crackdowns, taxi drivers continue to engage in unfair business practices and fleece passengers. The crackdown was aimed at deterring taxi drivers from overcharging and misleading commuters.

Taxi drivers who refuse to serve passengers by activating the meter are referred to the Transport Management Bureau for action and fined Rs 2,000.

A version of this article appears in the January 20, 2022 printing of The Himalayan Times.

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