5 players to trade with LTIR money

With Jake Muzzin on the long-term injured reserve (LTIR), the Toronto Maple Leafs now have a ton of room available to make a trade.

Losing a two-time Stanley Cup-winning defenseman has never been ideal for the Toronto Maple Leafs, but optimism has to be found in hardships. Jake Muzzin, when healthy, was one of the top four blues defenders who made life difficult for the opposition.

However, the “when healthy” statement is the biggest lesson.

During his tenure with the Leafs, through no fault of his own, Muzzin continued to get injured. A number of injuries were bizarre, but for some reason he continued to suffer serious ailments which kept him out of training for a long time.

When your second highest paid defender gets injured all the time, it puts a huge drag and liability on the rest of the team, which is unfair. $5.625 million is a big change for a player who is often injured and hard to replace his production with the team already so tight against the salary cap.

However, now that Muzzin is on LTIR, it seems imminent that he will stay there for a while. It could be the whole season and it could even be for the rest of his career.

When Mitch Marner mentioned that they wanted to “make sure he can do what he wants to do the rest of his life and enjoy time with his family, his kids,” that comment made I believe he could be about to retire.

Obviously, he would never retire before his $5.625 million contract expires for the next two years because he would give up millions for no reason, but he could be left on LTIR until then.

As a result, with his salary clarified and the potential for Matt Murray to stay on LTIR as well, the Toronto Maple Leafs have plenty of salary cap space available. Here are five players they could acquire with that freed up money.

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