Arabian Camels’ “Antara” NFT set to launch on January 14, 2022, with celebrity endorsements and MoonPay integration

Arabian Camels, an NFT community that is revolutionizing the movie industry, today announced the pre-sale of the Antara Movie NFT. Presales will begin on January 14, 2022, with the integration of cryptocurrency exchange, MoonPay, allowing individuals to purchase Ethereum from its official website, to enable NFT purchases.


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The private presale minting on January 14, 2022 will only be available to the inner circle of the Arabian Camel Club. Thereafter, whitelisted spaces will begin to be publicly accessible. To access the whitelist, aspiring NFT buyers can join the Arabian Camel Discord community to access the historic NFT drop. Following this historic strike, the Antara Movie NFT will be the first NFT that allows a buyer to digitally own part of the rights to a $50 million Hollywood movie. Additionally, the ownership rights will entitle them to a portion of the film’s box office and streaming revenue. NFT holders can also earn up to 80% returns on their NFTs through yield farming during film production, which is only possible through an exclusive DeFi partnership between Arabian Camels and Swapp Protocol.

Arabian camels are changing perceptions in terms of branding and how they deliver exclusivity and value to their owners. Due to the symbology behind the camels and the new era they represent, some art galleries around the world are expressing very strong interest in being able to sell the Antara film NFTs as physical prints as well, with a backing digital. This would describe the large mantle piece canvases as the first paintings in history to provide DeFi Yield functionality and represent some of the intellectual property in a Blockbuster Hollywood Swords and Sandals Epic. The movie “Antara” is set to make history as the first major movie produced by an NFT, while Arabian Camels will be the first NFT community to produce and part-own the rights to a production $50 million Hollywood.

“The impact Arabian Chamels will have on Hollywood is immense. This is an exciting and groundbreaking decision that will breathe new life into the film industry,” said Josef Brandmaier, producer.

“SC Films supports filmmakers on the artist’s journey to realize a film’s full commercial potential. ‘Antara’ is Hollywood’s first budget film as an NFT. Antara is innovative and disrupts the funding order established that is controlled by a small oligopoly in Hollywood, democratization and decentralization are long overdue,” said producer Matthew Joynes.

The Antara Movie NFT image is an Arabian Camel 2.0 which includes a distinct Hollywood flapper in the upper right corner of the image. For more information on how to own an Antara Movie NFT and join the Arabian Camels club, please visit

The film is the long-awaited true story about one of the most revered knights in all of Arab history – Antara Ibn Shaddad. He was born as a black slave in the ancient Arabian desert and eventually won his freedom. He went on to become not only the most worthy knight, but one of the most sagacious and respected poets in all of Arab history. The production of the film was meticulously organized with the help of professors of Arabic literature from Oxford, Cambridge, Yale and the School of Oriental and African Studies, which means it is not a another Marvel movie. Antara’s story is reminiscent of both Alexander the Great and Romeo and Juliet. His story has been told many times over the past 1,500 years. Antara rose to fame in the 6th century not only for his character and battlefield prowess, but also for his miraculous skill as a poet. His poetry was held in such high esteem that it was sewn with gold and hung on the Kaaba in Mecca before the time of Islam. . To this day, if one studies Arabic literature at Oxford or Cambridge, Antara’s poetry is still studied and revered.

The film was originally to be shot in Neom, Saudi Arabia; However, Abu Dhabi, as a modern technology hub, has also shown strong interest in hosting the production of the film. Currently, the production team is evaluating which region of the Middle East is ideal for the team and the production of the film.

Celebrity endorsements combined with a grassroots community movement

Seeing the immense value in cryptocurrency and community-funded movies, celebrities across Hollywood are buying the Antara Movie NFT. Many producers, actors, actresses and financiers buy the Arabian Camel NFT and join the “Caravan”. Many people are joining the Arabian Chamels community, which is paving the way for the future of Hollywood.

More recently, Larsa Pippen, television personality and brand advisor for Swapp Protocol, joined the Camel Club.

“As a female entrepreneur in the field of technology and digital currency, I am totally inspired by the Antara Movie NFT concept, as well as the “Antara” storyline itself. Arabian camels have completely redefined the limits of what is possible with NFTs and DeFi,” Pippen says.

Ayo and Teo, the famous duo of dancers and musicians, have also joined the Arabian Camels Club and collaborated with them to create an official camel song which will be sold as NFT. The famous artists appear in Fortnite and Just Dance, and have appeared in music videos for Usher’s “No Limit” and Chris Brown’s “Party.” Their song “Rolex” peaked at number 20 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and has nearly a billion views on YouTube. The Camels plan to incorporate the famous and viral music sample ‘Globglogabgalab’ which was sampled in Kanye West’s song Remote Control, on his album Donda. Donda initially scored the most day one streams for an album in 2021 on Apple Music and Spotify. Globglogabgalab music has gone viral 3 times before. He is ready to do it again, but this time with the Camels.

Before the public is allowed to hit the Antara Movie NFT, a private pre-sale for the Antara Movie NFT will be held on January 14. The knocking session will only be available to the inner circle of the Arabian Camel Club before opening whitelisted spaces to the public. Antara Movie NFT holders will get a portion of the intellectual property rights to the $50 million Hollywood war epic, “Antara.” The Antara Movie NFT aims to grant buyers up to 50% intellectual property rights to “Antara” for 3-5 years.

The Antara NFT movie is attracting great interest from celebrities and NFT enthusiasts. Members of the Arabian Camel NFT community will share ownership of the film’s IP, get roles in the film, be credited as producers, and join the production team for exclusive on-set gatherings in the Arabian Desert. Arabia with cast and crew. The differentiation of this NFT project is its usefulness in the real world, separating itself from the typical NFT projects of 2021, inflated by hype alone. Arabian camels now become a powerful symbol of what is achievable when crypto communities come together in numbers, united by a common vision.

The Arabian Chamels are planning to merge movies and NFTs with DeFi, Gaming and the Metaverse. The community believes it can extract future value from the burgeoning transmedia space and simultaneously share these entertainment properties with the Arabian Camel community. Potential film distributors would pay Antara Movie NFT owners to distribute the film to theaters and/or streaming channels, which is expected to cost the Arabian Camel community millions of dollars in real value.

Entering the metaverse in collaboration with vEmpire

Arabian Camels has also collaborated with Dominic Ryder, CEO of vEmpire, whose token recently soared 1,500% and reached a market capitalization of $100 million. Dominic Ryder’s protocol is currently designing and creating the Antara Play-To-Earn game, which has already caught the eye of some top venture capitalists. The multiplayer raid game should firmly plant the Arabian Camels brand and Antara IP in the metaverse and add another layer of value for Arabian Camels owners. The game is designed to bring fun and reliable revenue to thousands of players in developing countries and will operate on a stock market model. Arabian Camels NFT will be an in-game commodity. Along with this, they will also launch their own gaming token, the in-game currency which is expected to be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

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