C2G Cable and Connectivity Options Now Available in Chief’s New Web-Based Video Wall Configuration Tool

C2G helps mitigate pain points in video wall design and configuration. The company’s range of IEC to NEMA, HDMI and network solutions are now part of Chief’s new video wall configuration tool for TiLED™ direct view LED mounting systems. The TiLED web tool is designed to help visualize and customize creative video walls, supporting standard content resolutions and unique free-form designs, and leverages proven C2G cable and connectivity options to create a reliable base.

“Of course, a great video wall experience starts with a great foundation, which starts with Chief’s range of mounts and our broad portfolio of high-performance options to keep everything powered and connected,” said Robert Mays, Associate Director product marketing, C2G, a Legrand brand. “This self-service tool not only provides the necessary viewing resources, but also creates a fast and seamless ordering experience. The best of the best is in one place, eliminating the headaches that come with video wall projects. “

The tool is compatible with a wide variety of popular Direct View LED (dvLED) display manufacturers including Unilumin, Samsung, LG, Absen, Sony, Philips, Leyard and many more. The TiLED web tool generates the information necessary for successful planning of video wall installations: design drawings, specification data, material bills of materials, prices, CAD files and suggested accessories including C2G power cords, cables Performance Series HDMI and Cat6 snag-free Ethernet cables. Downloads are available in a variety of file types, including Revit-ready PDF, 2D DWG, and IFC files, for easy specification, ordering, and installation.

The interactive web tool gives users the freedom to enter room dimensions, add room backgrounds, or upload images of specific spaces to customize virtual environments. Design preferences allow users to professionally complete renderings of business presentations with static or video content by selecting pre-loaded files or uploading custom files. Projects can be shared with others in the web environment.

For those looking for more personalized support, Chief also offers premium services for dvLED installations. TiLED Solution Services provides customer and sales support for the specification, ordering and installation of dvLED video walls.

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