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Tthis week, New Zealand’s locked cities awoke to a new world of lifted restrictions: state-sanctioned picnics in parks, the prospect of reopening schools, a chance to reunite with friends and the family. Infusing the visions of grass-stained blankets and beers by the beach, however, is a heavy dose of Covid anxiety. Cases continue to circulate in the community and the country’s long-standing commitment to elimination is waning.

As New Zealand steps into the unknown with its Covid approach, its Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, is doing the same. Having brought the country through the pandemic largely unscathed so far, she has been richly rewarded with political popularity and confidence. Now the Prime Minister faces the difficult task of guiding him through a new era of Covid suppression – and this could be the most significant political challenge she has faced to date.

“There are going to be ongoing restrictions, more cases, more deaths – and that’s something New Zealand hasn’t really seen yet,” says Clint Smith, a political communications officer and former strategist in communication for Ardern.

“This is where it becomes almost ‘real’ for New Zealanders. The elimination strategy has meant that we haven’t faced the cases, deaths and restrictions in our daily lives like people overseas have for the past year and a half. Keeping your head up and focusing on solutions is going to be a huge challenge. “

“You don’t want to see how a sausage is made”

One of the great virtues of New Zealand’s Covid-Zero strategy was its clarity and simplicity. On posters and in press conferences, it could be summed up in a few words: stay home. Eliminate the virus. Save lives. Phasing out means New Zealand is stepping out of black and white and into the endless gray of pandemic management, an area of ​​fringe appeals and dead end decisions.

The country must move from one and only compromise – tough closures and closed borders traded for a life without Covid – to thousands of individuals, each with their own bitter costs. Precisely how many deaths are too many? Do the benefits of opening schools outweigh the risks of Covid infections in unvaccinated children? Are cafes, picnics and malls a valid trade-off for a higher death toll among indigenous peoples?

These are the decisions governments constantly make, explains political scientist Dr Lara Greaves, but Covid-19 is forcing them to make calls in particularly brutal and public ways.

“A lot of policy and governance decisions are about balancing things like finances and the economy with the cost of human living, or the cost of a good year of human living,” Greaves said.

“People always say, ‘you don’t want to see how a sausage is made’, and it’s kind of in that sense – it’s what happens behind the scenes of government, these compromises that we don’t make. [usually] see as the general public.

Often these marginal compromises are ugly, and Ardern’s government has not been forced to do so before.

Lockdown restrictions were eased in Auckland this week – but each easing represents a compromise that comes at its own cost. Photograph: Phil Walter / Getty Images

Splitting a single large decision into thousands of smaller ones also makes the strategy harder to communicate and easier to discuss. The elimination was so popular with voters that all major political parties supported it.

But over the past two weeks, the National, Act and Green parties have all pulled away from the government, vocally denouncing the new approach or proposing new plans. Ardern and his ministers continue to doubt the end of the elimination – a hem and haling that Smith says could prevent them from communicating a new, clear vision of the way forward for New Zealand.

In a sense, Ardern could now be a victim of its own success, says Ben Thomas, communications consultant and former member of the national government. The government’s elimination campaign was so compelling and its results so strong that it won huge support – polls over 80% during most of the pandemic.

“Part of the Prime Minister’s problem is that she has been so successful in rallying New Zealanders to this cause, convincing them – and rightly so – that elimination was an achievable goal and instilling real fear of the virus. . It’s a very difficult thing to decompress, ”says Thomas.

Smith says: “Elimination was something New Zealanders could be proud of, it brought us together and became a common goal. And the challenge now is to find – what is the common goal in a removal strategy? Likely vaccination rates – but giving us that same pride we had last year in our response to Covid is again the big challenge Jacinda and her team now face. “

The most likely candidate for this new vision is vaccination, but it’s harder to grasp the urgency of this message while simultaneously arguing that the country is still in the process of eliminating the virus.

The deployment of the vaccine in New Zealand got off to a slow start. Their problem was not unique – a number of countries that were successful in early responses to Covid, including Australia and Japan, experienced similar delays in securing vaccine supplies. In April, Ardern said New Zealand’s delivery schedule was slower than countries because its population “is not dying while waiting.”

The absorption since large shipments of doses began to arrive has been strong, and at one point New Zealand was administering more daily doses per 1,000 people than any other country. This weekend, 67% of the total population and 79% of the eligible population (12+) received at least one dose. 53% of eligible people are fully immunized, or 45% of the total population. It’s a few percentage points behind Australia, far behind the UK, and will likely overtake the US in the coming weeks. The government aims to vaccinate anyone who wants it with at least one dose by the end of the year – but even if it is successful, that could still leave months of Covid purgatory ahead, where much of the population remains unprotected.

“Ardern needs a new vision”

While New Zealanders are not happy with the new approach, it is not yet clear how much it will hurt Labor leadership in the polls. In the 2020 election, Labor won enough seats to rule on their own – a rare achievement in the uniquely New Zealand coalition-based political system, and a resounding endorsement of Covid’s response.

“Ardern’s gigantic victory last year was entirely the result of the pandemic and the Covid response,” Thomas said. “First of all because of the exceptional health results – very few deaths from Covid. Social outcomes – largely untouched by blockages for most of the year, unlike many of our peer countries. But the third thing was the really strong economic rebound… which tipped older voters or traditionally conservative voters into government. “

If those gains start to dissolve, some of that political support might as well.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern kisses a visitor to the Wellington mosque in March 2019.
Jacinda Ardern has been widely praised for her response to the March 2019 terrorist attacks in Christchurch and is considered to be at her best in times of crisis. Photograph: Hagen Hopkins / Getty Images

But if Ardern stumbles into the next stages of the pandemic, the opposition may be too fragmented and dysfunctional to take advantage. While Labor polls have already fallen from historic highs in the last election, the Labor-Greens bloc has maintained a majority, and in the prime minister’s favorite issues, Ardern is light years away from his opposition: poll to 44%, against the national leader 5% of Judith Collins.

“The popularity of the Labor Party had already plummeted before the last outbreak, and the National Party failed to capitalize on it in any spectacular way,” Thomas said. “The laws of political gravity say that National should benefit from [a Labour drop]. If they can’t capitalize on these circumstances, there is something really wrong with the leadership and with the party.

And while New Zealand is now entering a more difficult phase of the pandemic than it has been through before, Ardern tends to be at its best in a crisis – from the terrorist attacks of March 15, 2019 in Christchurch to the Whakaari volcanic eruption, in the early days of the pandemic.

“We have seen Ardern provide vision in times of crisis over and over again,” says Smith. “This was the defining aspect of his post as Prime Minister. And she is now in the position of having to come up with a new vision.

]]> TREASURY – Yields jump, the 10-year surpasses 1.6% for the first time since June https://hardouin.info/treasury-yields-jump-the-10-year-surpasses-1-6-for-the-first-time-since-june/ Fri, 08 Oct 2021 19:34:00 +0000 https://hardouin.info/treasury-yields-jump-the-10-year-surpasses-1-6-for-the-first-time-since-june/
 (Recasts; updates yields; adds analyst comments, breakeven
inflation rates, and upcoming auctions)
    By Karen Pierog
    CHICAGO, Oct 8 (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury yields hit
multi-month highs on Friday in the wake of a
weaker-than-anticipated September employment report that was
still expected to keep the Federal Reserve on track with its
tapering plans and as inflation expectations rose.  
    The benchmark 10-year yield, which dropped to a
session low of 1.558% shortly after the jobs data, later climbed
to its highest level since June 4 at 1.617%. It was last up 3.2
basis points at 1.603%. Yields on 20- and 30-year bonds also
jumped to levels previously seen in June before easing later in
the session. 
    "Treasuries are under a great deal of stress based on
positioning for Fed tapering and also rising concerns about
inflation," said John Canavan, lead analyst at Oxford Economics.
     Analysts said despite underwhelming jobs data, the Fed next
month was likely to announce plans to reduce its $120 billion in
monthly bond purchases.
     "Obviously, the headline payroll number was on the soft
side, but with the upward revisions to the previous two months,
I would say it was a good enough report or a decent report to
qualify for the Fed to start tapering," said Kathy Jones, chief
fixed income strategist at the Schwab Center for Financial
Research in New York.
    The Labor Department said in its closely-watched employment
report that nonfarm payrolls increased by 194,000 jobs last
month. Data for August was revised to show 366,000 jobs created,
instead of the previously reported 235,000 positions.

    Economists polled by Reuters had forecast payrolls
increasing by 500,000 jobs. Estimates ranged from as high as
700,000 jobs to as low as 250,000. The unemployment rate fell to
4.8% from 5.2% in August.
    Jones said the trajectory of the Treasury market was
    "We've had a steeper yield curve, rising yields,
expectations for the Fed to start tightening sometime in 2022 --
all that seems to be intact," she said. 
    The five-year note yield, which is more sensitive
to intermediate interest rate hikes, reached its highest level
since February 2020 at 1.059%. It was last up 2.9 basis points
at 1.0481%. 
    Futures on the federal funds rate, which track short-term
interest rate expectations, priced in a quarter-point tightening
by the Fed either by November or December.
    Canavan said that rising energy prices were fueling
inflation concerns. Inflation expectations climbed on Friday to
their highest levels since May before easing back later in the
session. The breakeven rate on five-year Treasury
Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) hit 2.679%.
For 10-year TIPS, it rose to 2.520%. 
    Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate late on Thursday passed a stopgap
fix to the debt ceiling impasse that is expected to be taken up
by the House next week. The plan would raise the debt limit by
$480 billion, pushing the possibility of a government debt
default from this month into early December.
    "In the (Treasury) bill market, there's just a shift in
which yields are under the most pressure," Canavan said.
    Yields on Treasury bills due in October and early November
had turned sharply higher on a default risk around Oct. 18 --
the date the U.S. Treasury projected it would run out of cash.
They rapidly declined after the temporary fix surfaced in the
U.S. Congress on Wednesday, but yields in December maturities in
turn have risen, according to Canavan. 
     A closely watched part of the yield curve that measures the
gap between yields on two- and 10-year Treasury notes
 was last about 2 basis points steeper at 128.52
basis points. The gap between five-year notes and 30-year bonds
 steepened by about 1 basis point at 111.38 basis
   Following Monday's market close for the Columbus Day holiday,
the U.S. Treasury will auction $58 billion of three-year notes
and $38 billion of 10-year notes on Tuesday and $24 billion of
30-year bonds on Wednesday.
October 8 Friday 3:01PM New York / 1901 GMT
                               Price        Current   Net
                                            Yield %   Change
 Three-month bills             0.05         0.0507    -0.002
 Six-month bills               0.06         0.0609    0.000
 Two-year note                 99-222/256   0.3178    0.011
 Three-year note               99-104/256   0.58      0.020
 Five-year note                99-42/256    1.0481    0.029
 Seven-year note               99-24/256    1.3869    0.032
 10-year note                  96-204/256   1.603     0.032
 20-year bond                  94-68/256    2.105     0.027
 30-year bond                  96-132/256   2.1589    0.026
   DOLLAR SWAP SPREADS                                
                               Last (bps)   Net       
 U.S. 2-year dollar swap        11.25         1.00    
 U.S. 3-year dollar swap        14.25         0.75    
 U.S. 5-year dollar swap         8.50         0.50    
 U.S. 10-year dollar swap        2.00         0.50    
 U.S. 30-year dollar swap      -25.00         0.50    
 spread (Reporting by Karen Pierog, additional reporting by Gertrude
Chavez-Dreyfuss in New York; Editing by Dan Grebler and Nick
How entrepreneurs can travel the world (and minimize taxes) https://hardouin.info/how-entrepreneurs-can-travel-the-world-and-minimize-taxes/ Thu, 07 Oct 2021 14:00:48 +0000 https://hardouin.info/how-entrepreneurs-can-travel-the-world-and-minimize-taxes/

Do you dream of working from Bali or maybe the Swiss Alps? Remote working is nothing new, of course, but over the past year millions more people and businesses have embraced the remote working experience.

With the lifting of restrictions on international travel, the number of people seeking to work remotely from overseas is expected to skyrocket, fueled by the proliferation of remote working and a thirst for adventure.

Remote working is just as appealing to business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs as it is to employees. As a business owner, if you and your team are already working remotely and are not tied to your current location, you may want to consider starting your business while traveling the world.

The systems, platforms and tools required to work remotely are the same whether you and your team are based in the same city or scattered around the world. are already configured for remote work.

There are new sites and apps you’ll want to familiarize yourself with as well, such as Nomad List, which connects like-minded international digital nomads so they can share information, exchange advice, and network.

If you’re not tied to your current location, there are a few advantages to working remotely from abroad. It is possible to travel and explore without having to take a career break. And some people also see remote working abroad as a chance to save money on taxes while investing and growing a business.

In fact, with careful planning, it may be possible to pay zero taxes while building your business faster and simultaneously exploring exotic and distant lands.


The US tax system is unusual in that it taxes all US citizens and green card holders on their global income, regardless of where they live or roam the world. This means that American business owners (as well as employees) working remotely from overseas still have to file their taxes in the United States.

If you are moving to a country abroad, rather than traveling from one country to another, you may also have to pay foreign taxes.

The easiest way to avoid paying foreign income taxes while starting your business overseas is to travel from country to country rather than spending too much time in one country. Alternatively, if you would prefer to be based in the same location, try choosing a country with low or no income tax. Either way, it’s important to research the rules and tax rates of the countries you plan to visit in advance.

How you lower your US income tax bill while running your business remotely from overseas depends on the details of your situation.

For example, if your income is either salary or self-employment income, and you meet certain conditions, you can claim the exclusion of income earned abroad, which allows you to exclude the first d ” About $ 107,600 (the 2020 figure – $ 108,700 in 2021) of your income tax income in the United States.

For most international teleworkers, to be eligible, you must spend at least 330 full days in a 365-day period (which doesn’t have to be a calendar year) outside of the United States.

However, the exclusion of income earned abroad cannot be applied to unearned income such as dividends.

Another way to claim the U.S. foreign tax credit is to move to another country and pay foreign income tax there. The foreign tax credit gives you US tax credits for the same value as the foreign taxes you paid on any income, including dividends.

There are other credits and exclusions available only to Americans living and working abroad, some of which may be more (or additional) of benefit to your personal situation.


Keep in mind that you may need to restructure your business before you take off if you want to ensure that your business and personal compensation is set up to take full advantage of it. Planning your travel schedule and how you receive your income, combined with requesting the exclusion of income earned overseas, can provide a rare opportunity to dramatically reduce or even eliminate your tax bill. on income, which can help you grow your business by giving you more money to invest in marketing, new hires, or a new product or service.

In addition, the opportunity to network internationally often brings new opportunities that you had not considered before. New partnerships, collaborations, and businesses are happening all the time through chance encounters with other digital nomads from around the world.

The information provided here is not investment, tax or financial advice. You should consult a licensed professional for advice regarding your specific situation.

A look back at Alcantor’s long urban career https://hardouin.info/a-look-back-at-alcantors-long-urban-career/ Thu, 07 Oct 2021 00:10:37 +0000 https://hardouin.info/a-look-back-at-alcantors-long-urban-career/

After more than 15 years in the service of the City of Escalon, Tammy Alcantor had her last day of work on Thursday September 30th.

She has resigned previously, leaving Escalon for a new position at Riverbank.

The Escalon Times did a “question-and-answer” with Alcantor – who held the post of general manager / city clerk, as well as working with human resources and finance – as she prepared to leave city service.

Q: How long have you worked at the City and what was your initial job?

A: Seventeen and a half, started in 2004 as Account Clerk II.

How did you make the transition to wearing so many hats?

In September 2005, promoted Accounting Technician II following the resignation of an employee

In July 2007, promoted to Deputy Chief Financial Officer

In March 2009, promoted to CFO with the retirement of Ricky Gibbs

In October 2012, due to a layoff took over human resources administrator

In July 2013, appointed City Manager and Acting City Clerk – The City recruited and City Council found a successful candidate. At that time, our police department had been with an acting police chief for over a year, and I suggested that the city council look for a police chief to support the police department. We went to get the chief of police, chose a candidate who accepted, then 48 hours refused the job. We were able to get Mike Harden, former Modesto police chief, to act until Chief Mike Borges was hired. Both Chief Harden and Chief Borges have been instrumental in revitalizing the police service.

In October 2014, the city council convinced me to accept the post of general manager, which also included financial director / human resources administrator / city clerk.

How did you manage to juggle all these responsibilities?

I think juggling is the key word! I did my best to prioritize tasks and worked several hours a week and sometimes weekends when needed to cope with my tasks. The support of department heads and staff has been a critical part of my success. They are the backbone of the city and were ready to step in and help when needed, even when it wasn’t their job. It was really a team effort.

What has been most surprising about serving the city?

Government policies and procedures are difficult and sometimes onerous on your efforts. However, I have always kept in mind that they were put in place to ensure that the people who are entrusted with taxpayer money make the right choices. Understanding that your choices affect your community makes those choices even more difficult.

The most rewarding of municipal service?

I enjoyed working with the community and participating in community events; National Night Out, Park Fete, Christmas on Main and the latest movie nights!

Who do you think was most helpful in guiding you early in your career and who helped you manage your current role?

I would say I have two people who have been my most important mentors in government: former CFO Ricky Gibbs and former city manager Henry Hesling. Ricky was my introduction to public finance and guided me through my early years. Working with her has always been a pleasure. As General Manager Henry started his mentorship and then when I became Interim City Manager he helped me solve many complex issues and situations. He always had great advice and a history from his years of experience. Finally, I want to thank my mom, Sandra DeWinkle, who showed me that you can persevere in difficult situations with hard work.

What do you think are the most important achievements of your mandate?

Staffing levels restored within the police service;

Work through the cease and desist ordinance on the wastewater treatment plan;

New McHenry lifting station;

Replacement of the main sewer line;

Annual replacements of main water pipes;

Solar project at community center, library, police department and sewage treatment plant;

The replacement of the lights of the ball field at Hogan Park;

Adjustments to water and sewer tariffs – while I understand this is not popular, it is essential to maintain the infrastructure.

Current projects

Replacement of water meters by automatic reading meters

Hogan Park Bathroom Replacement – April 2022

Connection to SSJID surface water plant

Engineering for improvements to the wastewater treatment plant

Do you have any advice for your potential successor?

Take care of your staff, mentor them, appreciate them and reward them. But don’t wear too many hats!

What will you miss the most about your job for the City?

The staff are my family and the most difficult to leave. I love them all and appreciate each of them for their contribution to the community.

Tell us a bit about your new position

I will be the Deputy Director of Finance for the Town of Riverbank. I will be doing many of the tasks that I currently do here at Escalon as CFO. It’s a slightly bigger city, and there will be some financial areas that I haven’t been exposed to currently, and I can’t wait to learn. In addition, I am delighted to meet my five employees and get to know them and their work.

Riverside Presents: Breast Cancer Awareness – A Weekly Live Facebook Event https://hardouin.info/riverside-presents-breast-cancer-awareness-a-weekly-live-facebook-event/ Wed, 06 Oct 2021 09:08:41 +0000 https://hardouin.info/riverside-presents-breast-cancer-awareness-a-weekly-live-facebook-event/

Riverside is thrilled to announce that it will be hosting several Facebook Live events over the coming weeks in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each will be a 15-minute question-and-answer session to answer questions from media and residents on the following topics:

  • Breast Self-Knowledge, Clinical Examinations, and Mammography (October 6): Understanding the Three Components of Breast Cancer Early Detection Can Save Your Life or the Life of Those You Love
  • Disparities in Breast Cancer Outcomes for Racial and Minority Groups (October 13): Minority groups experience higher rates of death from breast cancer. Find out what we’re doing to remove barriers to early diagnosis and improve outcomes for all patients.
  • Breast Cancer Risk Factors and When to Consider Genetic Testing (October 20): There are some risk factors that you are in control of and others, like family history, that you cannot influence.
  • Breast Cancer in Young Women (October 27): At a family or career-focused stage of life, young women diagnosed with breast cancer face unique challenges

Each event will take place at noon ET, and you can register by going to Riverside’s Facebook. The event is called “Breast Cancer Month – Lecture Series.


Get 15 high-flying drones on sale for an additional 15% discount https://hardouin.info/get-15-high-flying-drones-on-sale-for-an-additional-15-discount/ Tue, 05 Oct 2021 20:30:00 +0000 https://hardouin.info/get-15-high-flying-drones-on-sale-for-an-additional-15-discount/

The sky is the limit with these 15 drones, now all 15% off in this VIP sale. Capture high definition 1080p and 4K images and videos for amateur and professional projects when you find the right drone for you. Learn how to pilot for delivery jobs. Or just enjoy a fun hobby by saving 15% with code VIP15.

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Fly over the landscape with the Ninja Dragon Max Flip and his hand-controlled movements after launching the Flip to start. Automate a flight path by drawing it on the screen before take off so your drone will go where you want it, even while you watch.

Get started with an affordable drone that syncs with your phone and streams 720p footage in real time. With all the basic features included, novice drone users can’t go wrong starting with the Alpha Z PRO.

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4k dual camera drone

If you’ve ever been the victim of a fleeing drone, the GPS tracking capabilities of this 4k Pro Dual Camera GPS Drone make filming in remote locations easier than ever. Keep track of your drone if it wanders off course using GPS or video tracking.

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Small and powerful, the KAI ONE Pro drone is powerful with images up to 8K and a first person aerial view. Use the app to control the drone up to 1200 meters away to capture stunning sharp images from a distance.

Prices subject to change.

SwitchIt: Can A New Switching Service Help Green Your Finances? https://hardouin.info/switchit-can-a-new-switching-service-help-green-your-finances/ Tue, 05 Oct 2021 06:46:41 +0000 https://hardouin.info/switchit-can-a-new-switching-service-help-green-your-finances/

A new nonprofit online tool claims it will help people transfer money from businesses it deems harmful to the environment to greener businesses in just 10 minutes.

SwitchIt allows customers to swap their bank and energy supplier from what it sees as funding fossil fuels to companies it sees as environmentally friendly.

Led by a team of “concerned professionals,” he believes people are tired of waiting for government and business to act on climate change.

Scheduled to be officially launched next week, the website claims the small-scale testing has proven to be successful, with lifetime deposits estimated at £ 170million being diverted from ‘polluting suppliers’.

Online Tool: SwitchIt Helps Users Shift From Fossil Fuel Funding Companies To ‘Greener’ Businesses

Founders Sophie Cowen and Anna Chirico are aiming high, hoping to drive billions away from these suppliers by the end of 2022.

They calculated that the average lifetime deposits in a bank account are £ 1million – based on an average salary of £ 27,000 – so suggest that a permanent change could have a big impact on the climate .

Triodos, Nationwide, Co-op Bank are partners in the initiative although the project is independently funded.

How it works?

While the SwitchIt website is already running, the founders say it is in a beta form and the version will be different in appearance and functionality with additional features.

It will contain data for UK and US and a comparison table to give users a better understanding of recommended providers.

When launching the new website, consumers can enter their bank or energy supplier in the search bar. It will soon also allow clients to analyze their retirement business.

This in turn will reveal whether the site considers a product to be great, good, substandard, or terrible.

If a supplier is judged to be bad or below standard, the site will offer more information on why this is the case.

Once SwitchIt provides this information, customers will also be able to see a list of alternatives that the site says are better suited to the environment.

Users can then click on the links that will take them to the websites of other providers where they can then switch if they wish.

There is also the option to ‘commit to quitting’, which in turn sends a link to Facebook or Twitter, with the user publicly revealing that they will change providers on a certain date.

Customers can also donate to the project to keep it funded with the website currently supported by Climate 2025, a company launched in April 2020 with the aim of providing infrastructure and capacity building support to emerging movements.

It is also working on other areas such as savings and insurance so that users can also compare the ecological credentials of the latter in the future.

“My conscience is clear”: a SwitchIt user who changed banks after 48 years

New switchman Cara, 66, is a retired film PR and used the same Main Street bank for 45 years said: “When I saw it was ranked as the bank that causes the most damage to the environment all over Europe, I was horrified.

“I had been in the bank for 48 years and was very attached to our small local branch, so the idea of ​​changing banks was more than a little intimidating.

“After doing some research and spending time on the SwitchIt site, I chose Triodos as my bank for me and the whole process went really well.

“It was a bit of a pain to leave my old bank, but my conscience is now very clear and I feel good that my money is doing all the good things rather than all the bad.”

Whether a business is green or not is based on a number of different data sources, according to SwitchIt

Whether a business is green or not is based on a number of different data sources, according to SwitchIt

How did SwitchIt determine which companies were green?

To decide on the “right” for a business, SwitchIt used data from a variety of sources.

For example, to achieve recommendations from energy providers, he used 2019 data from electriciteinfo.org to rank companies based on their use of renewable energy. He also asked three questions:

· What proportion of their electricity supply comes from renewable energy?

· How do energy suppliers source their renewable energy?

· Do they supply green gas or do they compensate for the gas they sell?

The greenest companies, awarded 4 or 5 stars have the following characteristics:

· A high proportion of the electricity they sell, often 100 percent, is classified as renewable, eg wind, solar, hydro.

· A significant proportion of the renewable energy they provide, often over 40 percent, will come from direct agreements they have with renewable energy producers. These agreements are known as PPA. SwitchIt believes that energy providers that have a direct relationship with producers, i.e. owners of wind farms, are more effective in driving the growth of renewables.

· The gas they sell to consumers will either be renewable gas or carbon offsets.

And the energy crisis?

The current energy crisis, resulting from the surge in wholesale gas prices, has led several suppliers to collapse in recent times and others are expected to go bankrupt.

Energy prices have increased rapidly, with households now more likely to get better value for money on a standard variable tariff as opposed to a fixed offer which was generally much better bang for the buck.

This has big implications for some of the new players in the green energy arena, which have grown rapidly and may have taken on too much debt to survive in the current climate.

However, SwitchIt said its research covered all energy companies in the UK and US, from large companies with green tariffs to smaller green specialists.

This means that users will still be able to see a wide variety of vendors on the website, which will continue to be promoted as “greener” alternatives.

For bank recommendations, SwitchIt analyzed data from Rainforest Action Network, BankTrack and Sierra Club.

Each of the major UK-based retail banks has been given a green rating based on whether or a parent company still invests in fossil fuel related businesses.

Recommended suppliers have a clear policy of not investing in fossil fuels.

When pensions are introduced, they will be analyzed according to three key criteria:

· Exposure to fossil fuels: how much money is invested in fossil fuel companies.

· Decarbonization rate: to what extent are pension funds committed to decarbonizing their investment portfolios.

· Green investments: to what extent are funds channeled towards green investments, ie renewable energies.

The greenest funds are those which have already significantly started to decarbonize their portfolios and have clearly defined short and medium term objectives to continue the process.

They will also have made clear commitments to green investments and transfer funds to green assets.

In addition, for each of the recommended vendors, it assessed a series of other criteria, including investment in green industries and business banking.

Green: SwitchIt calls financial products great, good, substandard, or terrible

Green: SwitchIt calls financial products great, good, substandard, or terrible

Why is it important to change supplier?

Since the Paris agreement, SwitchIt said 35 banks have invested $ 2.7 trillion in fossil fuels.

He added that research found that investing money in organizations that do not invest in fossil fuels could reduce the carbon footprint by up to 27 times more than going vegan, cutting thefts and cutting back. switch to public transport.

Sophie Cowen, co-founder of Switchit, worked in advertising before deciding to develop a tool that would help people take action in their own lives.

She said: “I have seen so many people feel overwhelmed and powerless to do anything about the climate crisis. It is a frustrating and frightening experience.

“Most people don’t know that banks and energy companies use their customers’ money to put them and their children’s future at risk.

“SwitchIt offers individuals a simple and meaningful way to take action for positive change. An average person is likely to deposit at least £ 1million in their bank in their lifetime.

“It’s a lot of money and everyone should be able to choose whether this money helps protect their future and that of their children. We’re here to help them do it.

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Is Axie Infinity overheating? AXS price hits record high after 100% QTD rally https://hardouin.info/is-axie-infinity-overheating-axs-price-hits-record-high-after-100-qtd-rally/ Mon, 04 Oct 2021 12:13:45 +0000 https://hardouin.info/is-axie-infinity-overheating-axs-price-hits-record-high-after-100-qtd-rally/

AXS, the native token of Axie Infinity, a play-to-win non-fungible token (NFT) game built atop the Ethereum blockchain, rallied over 100% on a quarterly period (QTD) to refresh a new record above $ 155.

Nonetheless, the cryptocurrency is now at risk of slashing some of its recent gains as a key technical indicator, dubbed the Relative Strength Index (RSI), indicates its overbought conditions. In doing so, it could correct below $ 90, a drop of almost 40%.

The bearish outlook emerges after studying the relationship between AXS price and its RSI readings. In detail, when the RSI rises above 70, this mainly prompts AXS to consolidate sideways or lower later.

But in either case, the token ends up testing its 20-day exponential moving average (20-day EMA; the green wave in the chart below) as a provisional support level.

Daily AXS / USD price chart showing its response to RSI readings above 70. Source: TradingView.com

For example, the RSI has closed above 70 three times since July 1, 2021 and each time prompted the price to hit its 20-day EMA within 7-30 days. This has made buying AXS for an overbought RSI a risky preposition for traders, increasing their likelihood of facing short-term losses.

As a result, the Axie Infinity Token could follow a similar bearish path in the days / weeks to come with its next bearish target hovering around $ 87. Nonetheless, if the price rises further, as happened after the July overbought signal, AXS ‘bearish target could move to $ 90 or above.

Is HODLING a better strategy?

The 20-day EMA served as a buy indicator for traders following RSI-induced corrections. In detail, traders decided to buy the downside anticipating that the AXS price would retest and close above its previous high levels.

Therefore, it is visible that traders who did not sell their AXS holdings during the price corrections to the 20-day EMA managed to make decent paper profits – the Axie Infinity token climbed over 2,500 % since July 1.

AXS ‘growing utility in the virtual world of Axie Infinity, called Lunicia, has become a major catalyst for its demand among gamers and traders. In detail, players maneuver colorful creatures called Axies to earn two types of tokens.

The first, known as Small Love Potions (SLP), is awarded for successful battles; it can be cashed in or reused to spawn new Axies. Meanwhile, the second token, AXS, can be earned by winning seasonal tournaments or selling Axies on Axie Infinity’s dedicated internal market.

Axie Infinity’s active user count stood at 1.85 million on Monday, up more than 4,500% since April, with total cumulative revenue reaching $ 815 million in the same period. , according to Token Terminal. This made Sky Marvis, the company behind Axie Infinity, the fifth most valued video game company in the world by market capitalization.

The best gaming companies in the world. Source: Messari

Strong fundamentals intensified traders’ confidence in AXS, which explains its ability to rebound every time after suffering a sharp correction to its 20-day EMA.

AXS Staking Service, DEX Launch

Axie Infinity’s latest market buying episode has also surfaced due to a new feature that allows AXS holders to stake their tokens to earn returns. Since its launch on September 30, the staking feature has attracted more than 12.44 million AXS tokens (~ $ 1.88 billion at current rates).

AXS staking dashboard. Source: Infinite Axis

Staking effectively removes the active supply of tokens from circulation, which, in the face of increasing demand for the asset, tends to drive up its prices.

Related: Massive Drop and AXS Staking Catapult Axie Infinity to New All-Time High

Meanwhile, Sky Mavis has announced that it will launch a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the Ethereum-linked Ronin side chain. In doing so, the company aims to provide faster AXS and SLP liquidity to players during play without the need to rely on cross-chain bridges to buy or trade tokens.

The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cointelegraph.com. Every investment and trading move comes with risk, you should do your own research before making a decision.