Comment from Tiffany Smiley: My promise to work with Maria Cantwell on Job Security, Consumer Security and National Security

By Tiffany Smiley

Washington State needs a senator who is willing to work with Democrats and Republicans.

This statement may seem obvious. But after three decades in the other Washington, Patty Murray is ranked in the bottom 20% of U.S. senators when it comes to bipartisanship, according to the Lugar Center. It’s no wonder that Murray has only passed nine bills since entering the Senate in 1992, just 1.6% of the bills she has sponsored. The Seattle Times once said that Murray was “not known for his landmark political accomplishments” and “does not have a long record of major legislation to his name”.

If Evergreen State voters give me the honor of representing them in the U.S. Senate for the next six years, I will serve alongside Maria Cantwell, who, unlike Murray, is ranked by the Lugar Center as much more bipartisan. Cantwell is a Democrat. I am a Republican. There will be many issues that will draw national attention on which we will disagree. But when I fought Washington, DC and the federal bureaucracy for my husband Scotty and countless other veterans, I fought both Democrats and Republicans. And I’ve worked with Democrats and Republicans.

I am committed to working with Senator Cantwell every day on job security, consumer security and national security, which include many issues that fall under the purview of the Senate Commerce Committee where she is the most senior Democrat. higher.

As we continue to navigate a period of economic turbulence and uncertainty, job security should be a top priority. For example, Washington State has over 100,000 aviation and aerospace jobs. I will work with Senator Cantwell to develop a safe and competitive domestic aircraft manufacturing industry and ensure that any legislation reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration, which expires next year, does not hurt job creation. I will also work with Cantwell to secure free and fair trade agreements that support nearly one million jobs in Washington State and protect workers, manufacturers and farmers from unfair trade practices.

We also need an economy that protects consumers’ access to the goods at the grocery store and the services they receive online. That’s why I will work with Senator Cantwell to prevent future supply chain disruptions and look at comprehensive ways to ensure that crises like baby formula shortages never happen again. Because Washington State has 75 ports located in 33 of our 39 counties, I will work with Cantwell to increase the capacity of our ports to create jobs and more certainty for our supply chains.

Consumers should also be protected online and Senator Cantwell has been at the center of negotiations on a national privacy law that aims to create uniform rules and regulations for the use, abuse and security of consumer data. . I will work with her on a bipartisan path that builds consumer trust online and holds tech companies accountable for any privacy breaches.

Cyberspace is also a national security issue, with recent high profile hacks by foreign adversaries affecting everything from personal data to energy infrastructure. I will work with Senator Cantwell to strengthen America’s cybersecurity posture as the battlefield expands ever further into the digital world.

Over the past month, I have also rolled out my “Agenda for Recovery and Reform” to turn crisis into hope for job creators, farmers, crime fighters, parents, students and people the most vulnerable. Senator Cantwell, other Democrats, and even some Republicans may or may not agree with what I have to offer. Here’s the bottom line: When I have the opportunity to work with anyone from any party on something that’s good for Washington State, I’m going to take that opportunity and run with it. And when I disagree with Senator Cantwell or anyone in my own party, I will do so with respect and courage.

While Patty Murray is spending millions of dollars on offensive ads to campaign about me, I am campaigning and making you my term in the US Senate.


Tiffany Smiley, a Republican, is running against Senator Patty Murray to represent Washington in the US Senate.

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