Conflict in Ukraine will harm Russia’s defense and aerospace sectors, US official warns – Russian Politics and Diplomacy

WASHINGTON, January 25. /TASS/. Restrictions on exports in the event of an incursion into Ukraine that the West alleges Russia is planning to entail will be in the areas of defense and aerospace, a senior US administration official said at the meeting. a special briefing for journalists on economic containment measures in relation to the alleged Russian attack. plans.

“The export control options that we are considering alongside our allies and partners, would hurt Putin’s strategic ambitions quite hard to industrialize his economy, and hurt areas that are important to him,” the official said.

“Whether in artificial intelligence or quantum computing, defense or aerospace or other key sectors. Now, this is not an exhaustive list that I have just mentioned. All the options are really on the table, and we are united with allies and partners to resolutely impose serious consequences on Russia,” he added.

The West and Kiev have recently spread allegations of a potential Russian “invasion” of Ukraine. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has repeatedly dismissed such rumors as unfounded stoking tensions. He stressed that Russia poses no threat to anyone. At the same time, Peskov pointed to a certain risk of provocations that could be staged to back up such claims and warned that any attempt to manage the crisis in southeastern Ukraine would lead to dire consequences.

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