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11/25/2021 at 17:23 CET

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Only months and a half later The lower house on Thursday gave the green light to smooth this cut with votes in favor of PSOE and United We Can, in addition to PNV, PDeCAT, Junts, Más Páis-Equo, Nueva Canarias and Coalición Canaria (189 votes in favor, one against and 158 abstentions). The approval of purple party to cancel a rule that came to qualify as “historic” not having “the logo of the electric oligopoly“According to the group’s spokesperson after its approval on October 14, Pablo Echenique, who was not in the hemicycle this Thursday.

On September 14, the government announced a cut in revenues for power companies that will benefit from the rise in gas prices (mainly hydraulic, nuclear and some renewable power plants which, according to the executive, received a market price above their cost), but the large electrical appliances they complain that all the energy they produce is sold to their own trading company under fixed price contracts, so they do not benefit from the very high wholesale market prices (around 200 euros per megawatt hour).

After several weeks of controversy, on the eve of the approval of this gas reduction, the Prime Minister announced to Congress that I would qualify its content, after the reprimand of the PNV, whose spokesperson, Aitor Esteban, warned that this could “harm electrical and industrial consumers”. That week, Sidenor announced a shutdown due to high electricity prices. The next day the the same day the Congress validated it, Vice President and Minister of Ecological Transition Teresa Ribera has announced that she plans to approve a new royal decree to clarify this income cut, which means virtually eliminating the cut.

And so it was. A few weeks ago, the Council of Ministers approved a new royal decree that exempted companies that had signed or signed fixed-price fixed-price contracts from reducing their income. “I think we play a lot and cannot be abused of a mechanism without measuring the consequences ”, reproached him Thursday the deputy of the ERC, Joan Capdevila.

Thus, in addition, it increases information requirements for businesses electricity, both for consumers (they will have to notify one month before any contractual modification), and for the regulator (to whom they must constantly inform these forward contracts, including those signed intra-group), and extend the protective measures for energy consumers by increasing the discount of electric social bonus from 25% to 60% and from 40% to 70% and increase by 100 million the thermal social premium budgetEchenique’s memory

The member of the Basque group, Idoia Sagastizabal, celebrated the decision of the executive that, “in addition to continuing the shock plan to maintain the energy escalation”, the royal decree-law “strengthens the Electricity futures markets and transparent price formation, gives a better knowledge of the functioning of the electricity market and introduces new obligations for producers and traders. “Along the same lines, MP PDeCat, Ferran belHe recalled that his abstention in the previous royal decree was due to “deficiencies and flaws in relation to the reduction mechanism which at the time they had not seen fit to clarify”.

Little by little, steps must be taken to make the term tagging has greater liquidity and volume because the truth is that big companies when they hedge prices between themselves have no incentive in this market, ”Sagastizabal said. The deputy also remembered Echenique that after the PNV abstention from voting of the previous royal decree, in his own words, “he put a tweet in which he said that the PNV was in favor of the power companies & rdquor ;.” What title will apply after this decree? & rdquor ;, Sagastizabal asked his colleague. “We can align with electricity reduce the impact of reduction? WHERE the government does not keep his promise decree against electricity companies? & rdquor ;, quipped.

The “trap” of the social bonus

For his part, the deputy Nestor Rego Candamil, of the plural group, challenged the Executive which registered “in due time” the reduction of the social electricity bonus and the increase in the thermal social bonus. “I say by the way because the modification of the royal decree law by unjustified transfer to power companies deserves negative comments. Good news for electricity companies and bad news for consumers and social majorities, ”said Rego Candamil. While since Vox they have assured that the government “places the deviations from the maximum limit of the social bond” to “make it more digestible. “Okay, but until the bureaucracy improves, families are not going to benefit,” said the MP for training. José María Figaredo lvarez-Sala.

“We will vote yes not because we stopped looking bad that energy which costs 3 euros per megawatt hour, oligopoly companies charge it at 200 euros or more, as is the case in the wholesale market, it seems to us that this is something that should not be accepted without more and this is why we advocate an in-depth reform of the electricity market. The situation cannot last like that, it is frankly unfair (…) but the decree has other issues that we value very positively, ”he defended himself. Juantxo López de Uralde, with regard to measures which extend the consumer protection and those who promote corporate transparency.

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