Consumer Rights and Responsibilities Every Indian Should Know

WORLD CONSUMER RIGHTS DAY 2022: March 15 is celebrated annually as World Consumer Rights Day. This global day is observed to raise awareness of consumer rights and needs. In India, the government passed the Consumer Protection Act 1986 which spells out some basic consumer rights. On the occasion of World Consumer Rights Day, let’s discover 6 crucial rights that every consumer must know:

  1. Right to education
    This is to ensure that consumers have access to information programs and materials before availing themselves of services. This will help them make an informed and better decision before purchasing.
  2. Right to be heard
    This implies that every consumer has the right to defend their interests or represent themselves, says India Today. Consumers can file complaints against any product or service without fear as it is their right to be heard. It can be assured that the interests of consumers will be given due consideration in the appropriate forums.
  3. Right of repair
    In the event that a consumer is subjected to unfair commercial practices or exploitation, he has the right to seek redress against such unfair practices.
  4. Right to security
    According to a report by Financial Express, Indian consumers have “the right to be protected against the marketing of goods and services dangerous to life and property”. As part of the right to security, this law also applies to the health, pharmaceutical, automotive, housing, household appliances, travel, and food processing sectors.
  5. Right to choose
    It is the “right to be assured, as far as possible, of access to a variety of goods at competitive prices”. Consumers can trade on the MRP. It is not set by the government and the actual sale price may be lower (based on taxes).
  6. Right to information
    The Consumer Protection Act 1986 describes the right to information as “the right to be informed of the quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard and price of products in order to protect the consumer against unfair trade practices”.

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