Drain the swamp! Why can’t labor regulate grassroots capitalism?

When we “celebrated” Labor Day weekend this week, there really wasn’t much to rent.

‘Less than adequate’ – Government proposes ACC reform

The government is proposing changes to a controversial Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) scheme in a move that could affect hundreds of thousands of New Zealand workers.

ACC Minister Carmel Sepuloni wants to introduce new rules for the ACC Accredited Employer Program, which is used by more than 100 major companies across the country. The changes will affect 25% of New Zealand’s workforce.

Under this program, employers receive a reduction in their contributions if they promise to pay for workers injured on the job. They are given powers normally reserved to the government and are entrusted with funding the rehabilitation and compensation of injured personnel.

The disgusting right wing myth propagated by right wing liars is that New Zealand is an overtaxed and overregulated economy when that is total bullshit!

In a recent column, Max Rashbrooke highlighted the horror of regulated-market NZs…

The bad news is that, to investigate 200,000 to 300,000 appalling hires, the Department for Business, Innovation and Jobs (MBIE) employed a front line inspection corps numbering… 37. Each inspector will have to check between 5,000 and 8,000 rentals.

TDB recommends NewzEngine.com

…there are only 37 rental inspectors for 300,000 abysmal rentals?

Similar ill-funded regulation is apparent in the 82 labor inspectorates that are supposed to monitor hundreds of thousands of migrant worker exploitations!

Time and again in New Zealand we see a matrix of old boys of vested interests occupying market dominance and acting as a monopoly, duopoly or oligopoly amassing vast wealth while leaving small and medium local operators outside of comfortable relationships!

Across New Zealand, small and medium-sized businesses are unable to compete due to the lack of basic market regulation!

We saw it with the duopoly of supermarkets, the oligopoly of medicinal cannabis, the monopoly of the Gib Board – each time under regulated and badly regulated capitalism continues to screw us consumers in times of crisis of the cost of living!

Frustration within the drain industry has recently reached a boiling point with anti-competitive practices and crony capitalism that would make your average South American drug cartels blush.

Justice for Drainage is a new push from members of the independent drainage community to highlight how the industry is dictated by a duopoly which in turn is driving up housing costs for first time home buyers. property, councils and public housing…

Justice for Drains has launched a survey of the private drainage contractor community and 99% claim costs are too high, 100% want an investigation into duopoly practices that are keeping prices high and 99% want the government to intervene .

We never consider drainage costs and how a duopoly within the industry keeps these costs high and ends up inflating costs for councils, homebuyers and public housing!
Here are anonymous quotes from those in the industry who wish to remain anonymous because they fear retaliation from duopoly players.

“We can only complete the work with the support of the Independent Businesses. The big player charges double”
“Rising costs that we have to pass on to our customers”
“Being uncomfortable handing our prices over to customers. Really feeling for our customers because this is another cost of living increase they don’t need.”
“Investigate other companies Hynds owns to block competition.”
“Competitive pricing will not exist until the company splits up.”
“No competition / Not fair to people who live in New Zealand”
“Prices controlled by the Big Guys”
“Taxpayers foot the bill for everything! »
“Horrible bloody”
“I have to pass these costs on to the New Zealand public who again bear the excess prices!”
“Just like Rip OFF Supermarket”
“Hynds and Humes have been overpricing products for over 20 years.”

…Comrades, I am not looking for socialism, just basic regulated capitalism!

Have Labor dropped the ball again by properly regulating another market?

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