Gunsmith ‘Rust’ files legal action against ammunition supplier | Local news

A new lawsuit filed on behalf of Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the armorer of the Rust film production, accuses Albuquerque dummy ammunition supplier PDQ Arm & Prop and owner Seth Kenney of creating the circumstances that led to the shooting death of famed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins at Bonanza Creek Ranch near Santa Fe.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in New Mexico’s 2nd District Judicial Court in Bernalillo County, accuses Kenney and his company of violating state unfair trading practices law, creating unsafe conditions, using false and misleading product labels and breach of contract.

She seeks compensatory and punitive damages, court costs and attorney fees, as well as other remedies.

In the lawsuit, Gutierrez accuses Kenney of providing ammunition represented as dummy bullets that actually included live ammunition and of violating a “verbal contract” that she said she had with him for her work on a previous shoot. for a production entitled The Old Way – for which the lawsuit claims Gutierrez still owes more than $ 10,000.

The lawsuit, filed by attorney Jason Bowles, follows statements by the attorney on national television defending Gutierrez, who has come under close scrutiny for treating the Hollywood actor and Rust . producer Alec Baldwin’s propeller revolver, who fired the fatal shot.

Bowles proposed a theory that the set was “sabotaged” in his first formal interview on NBC. Today show in the weeks following the shooting.

This is a developing story. Check back for more details.

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