Imperial Beach City Council Examines Vaccination Mandate Options for City Employees

Imperial Beach City Council was discussing vaccination mandates for its staff; want in a number of options, including requiring images for the period of employment.

IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif .– Resuming the difficulty of requiring COVID-19 vaccination for all staff at Imperial Beach City, the IB City Council considered their options in a meeting on Wednesday.

“We are looking at all of these options and looking at what other local towns are doing with regard to compulsory immunization,” said Imperial Beach assistant supervisor Erika Cortez, who made a presentation during the meeting.

The six desktop vaccination warrant options are:

1) Require vaccines for all IB staff or threaten to be fired

2) Mandate vaccines simply for new recruits

3) Mandatory vaccination or weekly test

4) Extend the interval of proof of vaccination

5) Combine one of the previous options

6) Don’t change anything, but encourage vaccination

“I think it’s a good idea, but I also see the reluctance to demand something from a wide range of people,” said Faith, who works near the Imperial Beach Pier.

Some residents and guests of Imperial Beach were unsure whether a vaccination warrant was mandatory for IB staff.

“It’ll probably help, and it’s probably for the best, but it’s hard when you start crossing the line to tell people what to do with their bodies,” said Bryan, a National resident. City on the pier.

South Bay executives mentioned that the City of San Diego is the only company in San Diego County to have a mandate to vaccinate all city staff as an employment status.

The city’s vaccination chart shows 72% of Imperial Beach administrative workers, 44% in maintenance and operations, 29% in public safety and 100% of recreation workers have been vaccinated.

Leaders say that if city council chooses to make vaccination mandatory or require weekly harmful testing, it could cost the city about $ 17,750 per week just for testing and much more for paid employee time to and from. from the capacity.

Long-time IB resident Michael Sanch said more people in the city should get vaccinated.

“For me, it’s okay. I mean, it’s safe for everyone. I don’t want to go into some businesses if the people inside aren’t vaccinated and after being in the hospital I asked if my nurse was vaccinated, ”Sanch said.

At the start of the Imperial Beach meeting, board members can either request additional data or forward this vaccine mandate merchandise to a future meeting.

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