KCR’s daughter helps victim’s family with loan application


Kavitha, who is a member of the Telangana Legislative Council, called family members of G. Chandramohan, who was the victim of a loan application scam, on Sunday.

Ensuring that she would stand by their side, Kavitha announced that the victim’s wife, Saritha, would be offered a job. She will also support the education of their three daughters.

Chandramohan, an employee of a godown and resident of Petbasheerabad, had committed suicide on January 2 due to alleged harassment by representatives of instant loan applications.

The 36-year-old man had taken out a loan of Rs 60,000 from instant applications. Unable to endure their harassment, he hanged himself.

Earlier this month, Kavitha responded to newspaper articles about Chandramohan’s suicide case.

The former MP for Nizamabad was quick to contact the victim’s family and offered him unconditional support. The former MP also took to Twitter to share Saritha and her daughters’ grief.

A month later, she met Saritha and expressed her condolences for Chandramohan’s untimely passing. She later announced that she was supporting the education of all their daughters until they graduated and got a job for the victim’s wife at a prestigious institution.

Kavitha also assured Saritha that she can always contact her in case of distress.

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