KCR’s daughter hits back at Telangana governor

HYDERABAD: In response to Telangana Governor, Tamilisai Soundararajan, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s daughter, K. Kavitha, on Thursday alleged that the governor’s office had turned into a political stage to defame the state government and the chief minister.

“Telangana governorship has become a political arena bent on defaming the TRS government and CM KCR garu,” Kavitha tweeted hours after Tamilisai attacked the state government for “humiliating” her.

“The Honorable Governor’s statements come at a time when they have realized that the smear campaigns run by the BJP cannot defraud the people of Telangana,” wrote Kavitha, a member of the Telangana Legislative Council.

At the end of three years in office, the governor spoke at a press conference in Raj Bhavan on Thursday, launching an attack on the chief minister and the state government.

She alleged that the state government discriminates against a female governor by not following protocol.

She said she was even denied the chance to unfurl the national flag on Republic Day or deliver her speech.

She alleged that obstacles were created in her efforts to reach people. She also criticized Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao for not visiting Raj Bhavan despite his invitations.

“It will go down in Telangana history, how a female governor was treated,” she said.

Ministers of state also hit back at the governor for her comments that her conduct was unbecoming of a person holding the office of governor.

Panchayat Minister Raj E. Dayakar Rao urged Tamilisai to show dignity and propriety as governor of the state.

He alleged that she was acting like a BJP worker and talking to BJP leaders.

The minister also remarked that Tamilisai does not get respect as she disparages the governorship, adding that Telangana treats Governor Tamilisai as her own daughter but works under the direction of the BJP.

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