Lanarkshire’s Bookface Book Swap Brunch features author Sam Baker’s novel The Shift

In addition to the extensive portfolio of the journalist and presenter, there are five novels, the most recent of which, The running womanis a captivating psychological thriller.

Elsehwere, based on his hugely popular and best-selling memoir, The Shift: How I Lost and Found Myself After 40 Years – and You can also.

The upcoming Bookface Book Swap Brunch will focus on The Shift, first published in 2020 for women over 40 going through menopause.

In the book, Sam again addresses this much overlooked demographic based on his own experiences in the post-fertile years.

Candid and funny, with chapters on sex, culture, work, and rage, the book is for women looking at their lives, acknowledging change, and looking to recalibrate themselves.

It tackles topics like hot flashes, sleep deprivation, weight gain, career meltdowns (and the rest) that coexist with serious life episodes like lust, love, and heartbreak.

Sam also hosts a podcast of the same name, The Shift, where women will hear from a mix of personalities including Jojo Moyes, Delia Ephron, Lynda La Plante, Pepsi and Shirlie, Bobbi Brown and Mariella Frostrup.

Sam said, “I can’t wait to discuss why menopause is our superpower.”

The Bookface Book Swap Brunch was created by avid Coatbridge reader and environmentalist Heather Suttie online during lockdown via Facebook.

There are now 2100 members worldwide and over 1000 people have attended swap events.

Presenter Sally Magnusson, Sophie Gravia, Doug Allan, Maggie Ritchie and Helen Fitzgerald were some of the many notable guests and hosts.

Tickets for the Bookface Book Swap Brunch cost £30. The event runs from 9.30am to 12.30pm at Glaschu Restaurant and Bar in Glasgow’s Royal Exchange Square, and is supported by Lillet.

Tickets are available online.

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