LoL devs promise best Enchant nerfs as strategy climbs to 60% win rate

Janna and Karma and Zilean, oh my! Out-of-the-box Enchanter picks dominate top lane at the start of Season 12, even hitting a high 60% win rate, but don’t worry ⁠ Summoners – League of Legends devs are on the way. case, and the nerves arrive .

Old League of Legends technology ⁠ – enchanters playing top lane and dropping the role altogether ⁠ – reappeared at the start of Season 12.

This version is even meaner, however. The “cheese” tactic, first created by former LCS top laner Lourlosees champions like Janna, Karma and Zilean are smitten in the northern solo lane and sacrifice the role entirely to support junglers, help defeat creatures, and win skirmishes.

It’s revealing fundamental flaws in LoL balance.

But don’t worry ⁠— Riot Games is on the case. The devs have seen enchanter win rates skyrocket (nearly 60% for Janna now) and are now planning nerfs.

Riot Games

The first flavor of Season 12 was that League players broke the game’s meta.

⁠League of Legends devs were first tipped off by a series of Reddit posts complaining about the technology, as well as our own coverage right here on Dexerto, as well as skyrocketing champion win rates.

Janna in particular has been one of the main beneficiaries of Season 12’s off-meta role swapping, with Storm’s Fury just around the corner. a success rate of 60% in classified lobbies.

Riot Games developer Matt Leung-Harrison confirmed that his team was already working on solutions and apologized for not acting sooner. On February 2, the design lead said, “We realize that players are disappointed not to see a fix for Roaming Enchanters. [patch 12.3, which just went live].”

“This is something that we have sought to resolve as a priority. If we manage to gain trust in a solution, our priority will be to try to get it out, but we don’t have any plans yet.

One solution Riot has already tested is to limit each League of Legends team to one support item per match ⁠⁠— one on each side ⁠— but they abandoned the idea after seeing how powerful that could be. for ranked trolls.

“Players will simply buy support items to troll or hold actual supports hostage,” Leung-Harrison explained, adding that if players have any ideas, he “would love to hear them.”

Star Guardian Janna splash art for League of Legends
Riot Games

Until Riot Games finds a fix, Enchanter tops are here to stay.

Until those promised nerfs arrive, Enchanters top is definitely a viable option, especially if you want to win ranked League of Legends matches. Just make sure you pick the right champions ⁠—not all enchanters are created equal.

Janna is the playstyle favorite, but if she’s banned or picked as a support (a reasonable place for her to land, let’s be honest), other champion picks like Karma, Zilean, Lulu, Rakan, Taric and Bard have all emerged as viable options for Season 12 strategy as well.

“The way it works is basically having the threat of invading the enemy jungle with retribution while aiming to advance your mid and lower lane exponentially in gold and items,” Lourlo explained to Dexerto.

He continued, “You’re just spamming ganks, taking summoners, and negating other paths as much as possible while marking the jungle for your laners.”

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