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The Marine Corps University held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, September 23, 2022 to announce the launch of the new Wargaming Cloud.

This capability allows for one-on-one and one-on-one wargaming options in a wide range of historical and modern scenarios. This new Wargaming Cloud provides a library of digital wargames that faculty and students can leverage to support professional military education learning objectives. By making this capability available to resident students and faculty in a cloud environment, games can be played from distributed locations, including from personal devices. This creates the opportunity to integrate wargaming to a much greater degree than at any time in the past and will help increase repetition in tactical, operational and strategic decision making.

Wargaming is an active and immersive learning method that challenges participants’ decision-making. The players take into account the objectives, the risks, the sequence of actions and the use of force in order to accomplish their respective missions. Players must determine which factors presented to them are the most important and impactful, weigh those factors, and then make calculated decisions.

“The modern battlefield is complex and dynamic,” said Brig. Gen. Maura Hennigan, president of Marine Corps University. “Investments in capabilities like this ensure that we remain competent decision makers. Realistic training and challenging educational opportunities are essential to our success as fighters and prepare us for the next fight.

Although the capability is new, the concept of wargaming is a tried and true practice in the Marine Corps. Marines in every training and education continuum exercise various elements of wargaming to enhance individual and collective skills. After evaluating the initial cloud implementation, the Marine Corps will consider expanding this capability to non-resident students and Fleet Marine Force personnel for continuing education.

“We conduct war games in a myriad of ways – and have done so throughout our history,” Hennigan said. “The difference with the new Wargaming Cloud is the ability to extend wargaming opportunities beyond the classroom. This provides Marines with access to a library of digital games at their own pace and at their own pace.

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