MeridianLink’s LoansPQ loan creation software is now integrated with Affordit to expand loan applicants’ credit options through financial well-being

LoansPQ is a leading automated loan origination system that allows financial institutions to automate as many loan processes as their strategies require. Direct and indirect consumer loans can be processed while simultaneously providing cross-selling opportunities for value-added products and services. LoansPQ handles the entire loan process, including application processing, underwriting, post-approval, closing, reservation, and financing.

“MeridianLink has been helping loan officers find loan options for applicants for many years,” said Doug Glagola, vice president of enterprise solutions for MeridianLink. “Affordit brings a tool to our offering that will strengthen this process for everyone involved. This never-before-seen tool enhances our LoansPQ loan origination software. It provides loan officers with a detailed report that will make the process more transparent, helping applicants improve their financial well-being. “

Affordit’s proprietary software, Affordit Wallet Genie, and Affordit Solution Based Outcome Report will integrate with the MeridianLink platform through this partnership. This will give loan originators using MeridianLink through United States access to this innovative credit application tool.

The Wallet Genie and solution-based result report are used in the loan creation process and make the consumer loan and mortgage approval process more efficient for financial institutions and applicants. Loan officers using the MeridianLink platform will now be able to automatically generate specific actions to improve a client’s financial well-being and secure a loan in the future. This report is produced in seconds, with no additional data entry requirements.

“By combining the proprietary Affordit technology with the MeridianLink platform, we will be able to help more loan seekers access capital through transparency and actionable solutions to improve their financial well-being. “, said Kevin o’brien, CEO and founder of Affordit. “At the heart of Affordit is our mission. We aim to help loan seekers access the capital they need to improve their lives.”

Located in the Tampa Bay A technology hub in the region, Affordit utilizes the region’s access to high-tech talent, individual investors seeking investments in high-growth fintech, and world-class academic institutions.

About Affordit

Situated in Tampa, Florida, Affordit is an innovative and fast-growing business-to-business financial technology company focused on leveraging consumer credit. Founded in 2018, Affordit has developed patent-pending technology, which provides a comprehensive analysis of a consumer’s credit profile for credit unions and banks to use in a loan origination system and ensures that financial health of the applicant is optimal and, if necessary, offers applicants with specific steps to qualify in the future. For more information visit

About MeridianLink

MeridianLink, Inc., developer of the industry’s leading multi-channel loan origination and account opening platform, is a leading provider of business solutions for financial services organizations. The company’s passion for excellence is reflected in its web-based credit reporting, lending and account / deposit technologies, all of which enjoy a solid reputation for cutting edge, reliability and reliability. affordability. Situated at Costa Mesa, California, MeridianLink is committed to creating smart solutions that deliver real value. For more information, visit

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