Nearly half of all Indians are stuck with high-value products that have inherent flaws, survey finds

New Delhi: About 46% of Indian consumers are stuck with one or more high-value products with inherent flaws, according to a survey by community platform xyz (please check how we call it) LocalCircles.

The survey also revealed that 94% of consumers want the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) to take suo motu action against brands selling faulty products.

The nationwide survey received over 28,000 responses from consumers across 355 districts in India.

A large number of Indian consumers buy a variety of high-value products including automobiles, gadgets, white goods, electronics, home appliances, etc. The survey revealed that Indian consumers continue to deal with faulty products and often struggle to find the appropriate redress mechanism. .

Of consumers who had one or more inherently defective products purchased within the past two years, three in 10 were unable to have the products repaired by the brands and had to either purchase a replacement or have it repaired locally, the sell or get rid of it.

A large number of consumers surveyed also said that after-sales service in India was largely down.

The CCPA is empowered to bring a class action against trademarks on behalf of consumers under the Consumer Protection Act 2019. The authority is meant to promote, protect and enforce the rights of consumers as a class, with the power to prevent consumer harm resulting from unfair trade. practices. It can also initiate a class action, including performing a recall, processing a refund, and returning products.

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