Now sell counterfeit stoves, helmets or gas cylinders


Now sell counterfeit cookers, helmets or gas cylinders.

The Center on Tuesday announced the launch of a nationwide campaign to prevent the sale of counterfeit and counterfeit products that violate quality control orders, as its violation is a recognized offense under relevant sections of the law. BIS.

The sale of these substandard helmets, pressure cookers and cooking gas cylinders can be dangerous, dangerous, and potentially harmful to consumers. Therefore, the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) under the Consumer Affairs Department of the Ministry of Consumer, Food and Public Distribution announced that the violation of mandatory standards has been classified as a punishable offense. in accordance with article 29 (4) of the BIS law. .

Under section 2 (47) of the law, unfair business practices include promoting the sale, use or supply of any property that adopts an unfair method or an unfair or deceptive practice by falsely claiming that the goods are of a standard, quality, quantity, quality, composition, style or model.

Learning about the unfair trade practices involving the sale of these products to consumers, the CCPA decided to launch a nationwide campaign to prevent the sale of these falsified and counterfeit products.

He wrote to the Director General of BIS to address this issue as a matter of priority and to inform all regional directorates to conduct market surveillance and take immediate action.

“We have written to the chief secretaries of all states and UTs to undertake an enforcement campaign, in coordination with district collectors and police commissioners to prevent the sale and manufacture of goods that violate mandatory standards,” he said. said Consumer Secretary Leena Nandan. conference.

District collectors in all states and UTs have been directed by section 16 of the CP Act to investigate unfair trade practices of selling such products to consumers and to submit a report on action taken to the CCPA in all three months, she said.

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