Oct 22: Vaccine hospital visits, vaccinated only in grocery stores, blame Wynne, not Ford and other letters

One way to treat the unvaccinated

It’s not complicated. German grocery stores are now off-limits to unvaccinated people.

Ann Lawton-Barry, Hamilton

Blame Wynne for our troubles, not Ford

Reading all the writings published by Stop the Sprawl activists, the one question they constantly miss is “How did Hamilton meet the provincial population goals of 780,000 by 2041, which were imposed on us in 2017? They were happy with these targets and some used this target as “why we need LRT”. Yet staff have told us for years that only minimal development would occur in lower Hamilton, with the majority moving towards low density areas and expanding boundaries. Maybe LRT should be put on hold until someone in Hamilton can show how they plan to meet Kathleen Wynne’s growth target?

Gabriel Nicholson, Hamilton

Unfortunately, there is no app for this

The digital revolution with its myriad of devices and applications has interconnected our world in a way and to a degree that we never thought possible, except by the futurists. Connectivity has both brought us together and divided us.

By design and intent, social media is addictive. We have become Pavlov’s dog, slaves to our devices, waiting for the next ding or buzz to get our dose of dopamine. In a society struggling with high rates of drug and alcohol addiction, we can now add social media. Is this the new “opiate for the masses?” “

Social media oligopolies are sociopathic. Like any other company, they exist simply to make money for their shareholders and take no social or moral responsibility for their actions. They creep into our lives and our personal space is particularly insidious. In our free market capitalist society, the goal is always the same, to manipulate us to buy something, anything. There is no free meal. The loss of privacy, constant distractions and anti-social behavior are the price to pay. More worrying is the spread of disinformation, hatred and racism. And, as we’ve seen, social media is a threat to fragile democracies – think Donald Trump and other right-wing populist leaders.

So what’s the cure? Unfortunately, there is no app for this.

Invite unbelievers to hospitals

Anyone who has seen the “Chornobyl” miniseries knows that scientists and those tasked with preventing nucleus melting must wear HAZMAT suits and be cleaned before they are allowed to leave the facility. It seems to me that if they can do so safely, it would make sense to invite opponents of the COVID-19 vaccine, like Maxime Bernier, religious leaders and leaders of extremist groups, to visit hospitals. They would of course be dressed in all safety equipment. Allow them to see firsthand how the hospitals are packed, how the medical staff are being pushed to their limits, suffering from burnout and PTSD. Show them the intensive care unit with breathless patients with oxygen masks and their families watching a loved one die a cruel and horrific death. Take the disbelievers around the hospital morgue and explain to them how the vaccine could have been made so quickly. Everyone is scared and confused as the rules and regulations are constantly changing and false information spreads like wildfire. Let the opposition see with their own eyes what the battlefield of the fight against the coronavirus really looks like and perhaps these opposing leaders will change their attitude and those of their supporters. We need believers and non-believers to come together instead of opposing violent crowds or we will never get back to normal.

Is my server fully vaccinated?

I have no problem showing my vaccination papers and proof of who I am. I would like to know if the staff of restaurants and other places are also fully vaccinated. At this point, we have no idea. It’s a bit confusing for me.

Misleading information about farm animals

Regarding the article entitled “Where does your food come from?” (October 12): The information presented in this article about how animals are raised is misleading. If one did not know better, one would think that animals raised on Canadian farms live happy, pain free and stress free lives, but this is far from the truth.

The farmer interviewed in the article failed to mention that it is common in the agricultural industry for cows to be hot-branded and most move from pasture to a feedlot where they will be fed. with a high density diet for rapid weight gain which is demanding on the environment and harsh on the digestive system of animals.

To say that pigsties are the “most humane farms there is” is also incorrect. Most pigs raised for food live in containment pens where they can barely move, or in overcrowded pens without enrichment like straw. Piglets undergo painful castration and tail docking procedures, often without pain relief.

These stressful conditions also require the use of prophylactic antibiotics. Seventy-five percent of the antibiotics used worldwide and in Canada are given to farm animals. This is a major contributor to antibiotic resistance in humans and poses a threat to global health.

It is true that there are farmers who raise their animals in a more humane environment where the animals have space to roam and socialize, but the majority are raised in an industrial system.

Lynn Kavanagh, Campaign Manager, World Animal Protection

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