OYO Rooms penalized for refusing to occupy Ludhiana’s complainant

For refusing to occupy rooms in a hotel booked by the complainant through the OYO Rooms website, the District Consumer Disputes Recovery Commission, Ludhiana, ordered Ludhiana to pay. ??20,000 indemnities with ??5,000 litigation costs for the complainant.

Kulwant Singh (52) of Guru Nanak Colony, Ludhiana, in his complaint against OYO Rooms, said he had booked four rooms for Mallital (Nainital) at the Flatties Hotel, Mall Road, Mallital through the OYO website on June 7, 2017.

He paid ??42,200 for the reservation from their bank account, following which OYO confirmed their reservations via a WhatsApp message.

The complainant and his friends were to check in on June 10, 2017 in the afternoon and leave on June 13, 2017 at 11 a.m.

Kulwant alleged that when he arrived at the hotel with his family and friends, the hotel staff categorically refused to acknowledge any reservations.

He alleged that after OYO failed to provide assistance, he, his family and friends had to stay at another hotel after paying a much higher rate, causing inconvenience and harassment .

Kulwant argued that when he requested a refund, OYO only refunded ??14,494 to him resulting in a lack of service and an unfair commercial practice on the part of OYO Rooms.

In the meantime, counsel for the respondent asserted that the reservation was for only four people instead of four families or 16 people as claimed by the complainant. The lawyer added that even in the confirmation message it was specifically mentioned that the four bedroom reservation was for four numbers of guests. “As a result, the complainant was refused accommodation in rooms for four families, ie 16 people. Due to the high season no refund policy was applicable, but as a sign of goodwill the respondents refunded the one night rate, ”said the lawyer requesting the dismissal of the complaint against OYO Rooms.

However, the committee observed that it is totally unthinkable that there could be a restriction on the stay of one person in a room. The commission said: “It is common knowledge and common practice that a room is intended for the stay of at least two people. In the event that a stay of more than two people is required, especially in the case of children accompanying the couple / parents, the hotel will generally charge a supplement for an additional bed for the additional person / child staying in the room. bedroom. Therefore, it is quite difficult to believe and maintain that the four rooms were reserved by the opposing parties for the stay of only four people, ie one person per room ”.

The commission further ordered OYO Rooms to reimburse ??25 506 to the complainant and to pay a supplement ??20,000 indemnities with ??5,000 litigation costs.

“It must be considered that there has been an acute lack of service as well as an unfair trade practice on the part of the opposing parties which has resulted in inconvenience, embarrassment and humiliation for the complainant, his family. and his friends who accompany him, “the order reads.


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