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13:00 | Cusco (Cusco region), April 23.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo has announced that he will submit a bill to Congress to conduct a popular consultation so that citizens can express their opinion on the change of the Political Constitution of Peru.

“From Cusco, I announce that, following the constitutional court, we will send a bill so that in the next regional and municipal elections, the people will be consulted, through a ballot, whether they are agreement or not with a new Constitution”, he indicated. .

The Head of State affirmed that his collaborators will immediately draw up this bill, adding that the power to approve or not the popular consultation will remain in the hands of Parliament.

During the closing of the decentralized Council of Ministers, held in the city of Cusco last Friday, Mr. Castillo assured that the executive power is also preparing a proposal to deal with the increase in the cost of living, which is currently affecting families Peruvians because of the global crisis.

“Social movements will be called upon, as well as brother producers, coffee growers, rice growers, to provide a response, within the framework of unity, to the food crisis,” he noted.

In this context, the senior official reminded participants that the executive branch has presented several bills to Congress, among which he highlighted the initiative that prohibits monopolies and oligopolies. Among these initiatives, the massive use of natural gas from Camisea is also encouraged.

“We call on the Legislature to put these proposals on the agenda and to approve them,” he said.

To achieve the massive use of natural gas and access to energy at lower cost, the President indicated that he will summon experts to make the desire of the most remote peoples of the country a reality.

“Despite the unnecessary political confrontation, we are telling the country that we are here to meet major needs, as we did with the reopening of the Talara refinery,” he noted.

In addition, the President announced that his administration will set up a petrochemical plant to produce fertilizers which reinforce the actions carried out within the framework of the Second Agrarian Reform.

The Head of State also reiterated that he will keep his promise to achieve open admission in universities, adding that he will convene the National Accord.

Regarding the requests made during the decentralized Council of Ministers, Mr. Castillo revealed that he had arranged for the Ministry of Transport and Communications to facilitate the construction of Chinchero International Airport and Hospital Antonio Lorena.


Posted: 04/23/2022

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