Questions and Answers: August 3

CHRIS HANN FROM SARASOTA, FL: Troy Polamalu was one of the most unique superstars to play in the NFL. My favorite game of Polamalu’s career was his interception of his former roommate – Carson Palmer – and then his return of the ball for a touchdown in which he crushed Palmer on the goal line. What is your favorite big game that Troy has made in his career?
ANSWER: This is an easy question for me. With 4:24 remaining in the 2008 AFC Championship game at Heinz Field, Troy Polamalu intercepted a pass from Joe Flacco on a third and 13 and returned him 40 yards for the touchdown that extended the lead. Steelers 16-14 at 23-14 and ultimately propelled the team to a three-game sweep of their hated rival and Super Bowl XLIII.

CASEY MCDONALD FROM HOUSTON, TX: If you had to choose from Greg Lloyd, Kevin Greene, Joey Porter, Jason Gildon, James Harrison or TJ Watt, who would you choose? At first I wasn’t going to add Watt (since he’s still playing) but he’s been with us longer than Greene, so I included him.
ANSWER: The reason you almost didn’t include TJ Watt is the same reason I’m going to remove him from the list you provided – his years in a Steelers uniform. The same is true for Kevin Greene, because even though he’s inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame, only three of his 15 NFL seasons have him playing in Pittsburgh. I also eliminate Jason Gildon, because while he was once the franchise’s all-time sack leader, he wasn’t much of an asset in the cover, which must be part of the conversation if you ask me. to make that kind of a choice. Forced to choose, I would go with Greg Lloyd, and to substantiate my choice I will refer to an informal conversation I had with Dick LeBeau during his first stint with the Steelers (1992-96). I asked LeBeau, “If you could pick a player you’ve trained around to build a defense around, who would you pick. I strongly expected LeBeau to name Rod Woodson, but he only thought about it for 15-20 seconds and then said, “Greg Lloyd.” When I asked him why, LeBeau replied, “Because he has a pragmatic approach that permeates the rest of the group. To be fair, LeBeau made that statement before he coached Joey Porter or James Harrison, but it shows just how much he viewed Lloyd as a player and a leader.

JASON PRASTER FROM SAN ANTONIO, TX: You mentioned in the July 27 edition of Asked and Answered that the most intriguing position battle for you is the cornerback position with James Pierre. In what you’ve seen so far at camp, is Pierre looking to overtake Cam Sutton’s “starter” position? I know a depth chart at the moment only contains the names of the players on paper, but does Pierre beat Sutton at the outside cornerback position?
ANSWER: Cam Sutton is a 2021 starting cornerback for the Steelers, either on the outside against Joe Haden or in the slot. The way I see the competition at the cornerback position is not Pierre against Sutton; it’s Pierre against the candidates to replace Mike Hilton as nickel cornerback, a group that includes Antoine Brooks, Arthur Maulet, and at some point later in the camp / preseason process possibly Tre Norman and others. If Pierre is better than any option the Steelers have in the slot, then the decision could be made to move Sutton in and have Pierre start against Haden.

JOE ASHER FROM TAMPA, FL: With Minkah Fitzpatrick, TJ Watt and Cameron Heyward, all first-team All-Pros and playing on the same defense, what’s the most All-Pros our defense has ever fielded? ?
ANSWER: Cam Heyward, TJ Watt and Minkah Fitzpatrick were each elected twice to the First All-Pro Team, and the season the three were successful together was in 2019. As for the Associated Press All-Pro Team, which is who the NFL recognizes today, there haven’t been more than three Steelers defensive players elected to the first team in a single year since Chuck Noll was hired in 1969. Other seasons in which three Steelers defensive players were elected to the Associated Press The All-Pro first team were in 1974, 1975, 1979 and 1994.

JASON PAYLOR FROM BRADDOCK, PA: How are players paid each week? Suppose a player signs a six-year, say, $ 30 million contract that includes a $ 10 million signing bonus. Does the signing bonus come from the principle?
ANSWER: There can be different elements of compensation in an NFL contract, and when / if a player ends up receiving that money is usually specified in the terms of the agreement. Using your example, the $ 10 million signing bonus would be paid out when the contract is signed, and then things like a roster bonus or practice bonus would be paid out when earned. As for weekly checks during the regular season, that amount would be based on the amount of base salary stipulated in the player’s contract for that year. Remember, players get their base salary every week in the regular season, which includes the bye, and so in 2021 that means 18 game checks. So, if a player’s base salary for 2021 is $ 1.8 million, he will receive 18 “game checks” of $ 100,000 each.

CHRIS FARIS DE CARMICHAEL, CA: If Ben Roethlisberger retires after the 2021 season, our best bet to compete seems to be to have a good defense and not put pressure on his successor. Why shouldn’t the team give up a first-round pick for Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard, who requested a trade?
ANSWER: There are at least two reasons: There is no capped space to complete this trade now because I doubt that Xavien Howard will “accept” a trade without a new contract, and it is uncertain whether the Steelers would have enough capped space even to assume the terms of his current contract. And the other reason is that the Dolphins aren’t going to part ways with Howard for just one first-round draft pick.

JOHN COLEMAN OF HAGERSTOWN, MD: Why does the NFL spread out the weeks off so much over the course of a season? Why wouldn’t the NFL schedule half of the league teams for week 8 and the other half of the league teams for week 9?
ANSWER: Managing the weeks off your way might leave the league’s broadcast partners with enough games to fill all the available time slots, but the networks are interested in convincing games and not just enough games for them. fill the slots. I’m not going to say categorically that keeping the league’s broadcast partners happy is a more important part of building the regular season schedule than fairness, but it’s a terribly important check that each of the 32 teams receives from them. broadcast revenue every year, and teams that don’t all have the same number of games before and after their weeks off isn’t seen as grossly unfair, at least to me.

NICK MITCHELL OF GLEN-LYON, PA: After the conclusion of this week’s Professional Football Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, what is the total number of Steelers entered into the Hall of Fame, and is that the most? NFL teams?
ANSWER: As part of its website, the Pro Football Hall of Fame has a page that lists what it calls the players “who made the bulk of their primary contribution” for each NFL team, and according to the Hall of Fame, there are 26 Steelers that fit this description. There are only two NFL franchises with more Hall of Fame members than the 26 Steelers: the Bears lead with 30 and the Packers are second with 27. The only other franchises with 20 or more members of the Hall of Fame are Dallas. (20), Washington (20) and the New York Football Giants (21).

DAVE DENNIS OF SHARPSBURG, PA: There’s no doubt you’ve got a good idea of ​​how the Steelers work. Did you ever think that an opposing team could read your answers to get information against us?
ANSWER: Before going to sleep every night, I say a little prayer for the Ravens to read the questions asked and answers and come up with movements and game plans based on my “perception”.

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