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Prayagraj: An annual four-day technology management festival of the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT), titled “Avishkar-2021”, kicked off Sunday in online mode. Due to the pandemic, competitions have been held virtually on the Microsoft Teams platform.
The day started with an ecstatic program of events. Tuxwars, Logical Rhythms and Insomnia were the events held under the Cyberquest banner. These events allowed participants to familiarize themselves with the world of Linux and Machine Learning. Participants from across the country and even overseas took part in a fierce competitive coding battle.
The budding bridge designers showcased their talents in Linkidge ‘and’ Constrengtho ‘with overwhelming enthusiasm. The fun and energetic round of the “War of Currents” event, held under the banner of “Powersurge”, drew a lot of participation from the contestants. Participants also immersed themselves in the brainstorming puzzles of “Chem-E-Brain” and “Quizzical”, organized under the banner of “Rasayans”. Lovers of aerodynamics have flown to events such as “Lost in Space”, organized under the banner of “Aeromodelling”.
On the first day of the event, the enthusiasm of the students for the management events was noticed. The participants showed their power of individuality by speaking in Solo Lobo directed by Oligopoly. The Chanakya Neeti, Netritva and Stallmart events, held under the banner of Monopoly, provided a unique platform for the budding leaders of tomorrow.


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