Tesla misleads customers about autonomous driving features, senator tells FTC

Two Democratic senators are calling on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Tesla over the company’s promotion of autopilot and fully autonomous driving (FSD) technology.

so letter On Wednesday, Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts spoke to FTC President Lina Khan about “potentially deceptive and unfair practices” in the commercialization of these technologies. Asked to investigate.

This letter will arrive two days after the National Road Safety Bureau. An official investigation into Tesla’s autopilot system has begun. NHTSA said in a public document that since 2018, Autopilot has identified 11 crashes involving Tesla, which collided with at least one vehicle at a first aid site. This technology is a limited autonomous driving function and still requires human intervention.

The senator argues that Tesla’s marketing message may not fully represent the capabilities of Autopilot and FSD.

“I am concerned that Tesla’s autopilot and FSD functionality is not mature enough to be made public and unreliable,” CEO Elon Musk said in 2019. I highlighted the “Full Self- YouTube video” Driving “. A link to the Tesla site.

“Tesla drivers listen to these claims and think their cars are ready to go. This can have fatal consequences, ”the senator wrote. I am.

They added that Tesla’s “fully autonomous driving” software, released in beta this year, isn’t really completely autonomous, as the name suggests. They said the “slimy precautions hidden in social media are no excuse to fool drivers and endanger the lives of everyone on the road.”

“While Tesla and Musk have repeatedly issued warnings, the repeated exaggeration of vehicle capabilities shows deep concern about ignoring the safety of people on the road. We need real accountability, ”they write. “Their claims put Tesla drivers, and everyone on the road, at risk of serious injury and death. In light of these concerns, Tesla’s self-driving and fully autonomous driving is repeatedly overstated. We encourage you to quickly start investigating your allegations. We will be equipped and take appropriate enforcement action to prevent further injury and death from the operation of Tesla. “

Tesla could not comment. An FTC spokesperson confirmed that authorities received the letter, but declined to comment further.

Tesla’s share price rose more than 3% on Wednesday morning.

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