The border crisis constitutes an invasion; Getting out of the inflation spiral

On Capitol Hill, House Democrats passed a bill to expand abortion access and make Roe v. Wade the law of the land. The Republicans are backing down. Will there be enough support to get this passed in the Senate?

While President Joe Biden abroad hopes to get the Saudis to produce more oil, inflation still rages in the United States. What can be done to ease the burden on millions of Americans?

House Republicans are urging border states to take matters into their own hands by declaring an “invasion” under the Constitution and then deporting illegal immigrants using their own personnel. How would this work and what challenges awaited us?

During a four-day trip to the Middle East, Biden met with leaders from Israel, the West Bank and Saudi Arabia.

A bill to tackle China’s unfair trade practices has been introduced, but the world’s largest trade organization, the American Chamber of Commerce, is against the bill.

Reports have emerged that US TikTok user data is being shared with the Chinese Communist Party. Two members of Congress are currently investigating TikTok’s ties to its China-based parent company.

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