This Week in Techdirt History: September 11-17

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Five years ago

This week in 2017, Comcast sued Vermont in an attempt to avoid having to expand its broadband network, as it also continued to insist that its sneaky and deceptive charges were a form of transparency. Charles Harder lost a libel suit against The Deal, while the infamous Monkey Selfie case reached a settlement yet was not quite over. Several groups were fighting against the terrible ideas of the European copyright directive, while the music industry intensified its attacks on YouTube extraction sites. And in a moment of utter moral cowardice, Harvard gave in to the CIA and canceled Chelsea Manning’s scholarship.

Ten years ago

This week in 2012, the Vice President of the European Commission did a good job of explaining why copyright law is broken in the digital age. We looked at how major labels use jurisdiction and location to screw up artists, while the MPAA sends propaganda points to politicians, and an unsurprising but unfortunate court ruling found the insane fines against Jammie Thomas-Rasset were reasonable. The house went ahead with voting on the FISA Amendment Act when they didn’t even know how it was being interpreted, and the bill was approved by a large majority. And then the week ended with a leak of the proposed White House executive order on cybersecurity.

Fifteen years ago

This week in 2007, a judge dismissed an RIAA lawsuit for being based only on speculation, the Copyright Alliance displayed twisted logic in its claims for strong copyright and weak fair use, and Prince was suing YouTube, eBay and the Pirate Bay. While some blamed MP3s and iPods for ruining music, the recording industry was showing its ability to innovate with… poorly designed and highly restrictive subscription services, and the “ringle” (a musical single sold as a ringtone) .

At first

Another edition of the Up To Date newsletter that would become Techdirt was published 25 years ago this week on September 13, 1997, covering a wide variety of events including the sale of CompuServe, the world’s first major commercial ISP .

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