Thomas Mallon and William McArdle of Titan Investors sued by

NEW YORK, December 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Markets Group (, one of the world’s leading conference organizers in the investment management industry, has filed a complaint against two former employees for theft alleged trade secrets and use these secrets, some of them verbatim, to solicit Markets Group clients.

The main allegations of the prosecution are the misappropriation of trade secrets; breach of contract; unfair competition; tortious interference in advantageous commercial relationships; breach of fiduciary duty; and the illegal conversion of the ownership of Markets Group.

The plaintiffs named in the lawsuit are Thomas Mallon, William McArdle and Titan Investors LLC ( Lawsuit claims Mallon and McArdle had knowledge of and access to proprietary and confidential customer databases, lists and other information linked to Markets Group clients and used it to start a competing organization in violation of their employment contracts, according to the lawsuit. Titan also employs two other former Markets Group employees, Dave Hoffman and Harrison Lane, according to the Titan website.

The complaint was filed in the New York State Supreme Court for the County of New York. Markets Group, based in New York, is the d / b / a of Latin Markets Brazil, LLC.

Another action in the case is pending. Markets Group is confident that it will prevail and continue to deliver unmatched value within the investment management community.

About the Markets group:

Markets Group, a renowned conference promoter in the investment management industry, brings together the investment management community for thought leadership experiences from peers that deliver platform training, business development and networking . With a track record of over 500 events in more than 20 countries, its forums offer managers and investors a unique opportunity to achieve superior return on investment.


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