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Hubballi: The “Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS)” application launched a few years ago by Indian Railways has been extremely beneficial for train travelers, helping them to book tickets in compartments not reserved for journeys last minute, renew railway cards and buy platform tickets, without having to wait in line for their turn. However, following an update a few months ago, the app seems to have developed an issue and tickets are reserved for trains that are not available. Commuters are only informed of the delay or unavailability of trains after making payment. The app’s inability to reflect train availability makes formerly regular app users reluctant to turn to it now.
Almatti-based entrepreneur Chandrashekhar Palaniswamy, who has been using the app regularly for three years, said: “Previously, the app provided information on available trains. But after Indian Railways updated the app six or seven months ago, this option is no longer available. The application only displays the types of trains available.
A travel ticket examiner (TTE) in Davanagere said that when he sought to penalize a group of passengers who had purchased tickets on the app for a passenger train, but were traveling by express train, they pointed out that the app had booked tickets for the train that was available. “We checked their claim on the app and reported the error to our superiors,” he said.
Mayur Patil, based at Hubballi, another frequent user of the app, said: “After booking a ticket for a trip to Gadag, I was informed that there was no train available for four hours. . But the ticket is only valid for one hour. My attempts to cancel the ticket were unsuccessful as the app informed me that paperless tickets cannot be canceled. I subsequently raised this issue on ‘Rail Madad’, but all I’ve been told so far is that it will be brought to the attention of a senior officer. This is an unfair trade practice, in which we lose money for lack of information. “
Patil was not very happy, when he was directed to another helpline number, the employee who spoke to him asked him why he was worried about the loss of a mere Rs 40. ” She started teaching me not to check the availability of a train before booking the ticket, ”Patil recalls.
Many passengers also pointed out that some TTEs do not honor the ticket purchased on the UTS app.
“Tickets not reserved for a specific train”
The UTS mobile application was developed by the Center for Railway Information Systems. Since these tickets are reserved for unreserved seats, they are not specific to any train, but only to the point of departure and the destination of the trip. Comments or complaints regarding the app can be submitted at: www.utsonmobile.Indianrail.Gov.In/RDS/policy/CointactUs?1
– Aneesh Hegde | Public Relations Manager, South Western Railway, Hubballi Division


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