Trade associations call for restoration of gas supply to all industries

KARACHI: Karachi’s trade and industry associations united on Monday against what they called discrimination in gas supply, which has remained suspended for 100 days to the city’s industrial areas, and demanded that supplies be restored of all industries.

The associations, at a joint press conference at the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), called on the federal government to end the discriminatory treatment inflicted on Karachi’s gas supply industries.

Business leaders have said that to revive industrial activities, Sindh gas must be returned to the province as it is highly unfair to keep Karachi industries deprived of this resource.

They said Karachi Industries was deeply shocked and utterly disappointed with the government for disregarding the repeated calls and press releases regarding the impending gas/RLNG crises.

“Government promises and pledges to secure gas supply for export industries seem like eye drops and mere talk,” said Zubair Motiwala, chairman of the Businessmen Group.

He noted that it was very unfair to deprive Karachi of gas/RLNG because this city, being the textile and industrial center of Pakistan, alone contributes 68% of the revenue of the public treasury and 54% of the national exports, while than 52% of textile exports as well. go from Karachi.

“Yet this incomparable contribution is not taken into account and Karachi continues to face discrimination which has led to severe production losses of over 66% due to reduced or non-existent gas supply,” he said. he adds.

Chairman of Pakistan Apparel Forum Jawed Bilwani says Prime Minister’s excellent policy on Long Term Financing Facility (LTFF) encourages industrialists to invest over $3 billion in machinery/equipment procurement , which was likely to promote industrialization, but this policy would be wasted. due to the unavailability and unwarranted distribution of gas.

Bilwani said value-added textile export industries were saddened by the behavior of the federal government. Surprisingly, the government understood that lower exports would also lead to a downward revision in national income and negatively impact foreign exchange entering the country, but it was still not doing the necessary, he added.

KCCI Chairman Muhammad Idrees said that instead of pursuing the pick and choose strategy, gas should be supplied without any differentiation to all industries, including general industries, SMEs and food-oriented industries. export, because they all went together.

The government should realize that general industries were an integral part of the export value chain that fueled the economy. He said the government’s contempt also showed a negative image of Pakistan to the international community, and that it was contrary to what the current government wanted others to believe about it, which is that ‘he claims to be pro-business and pro-export.

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