UK proposes to maintain trade measures for biodiesel

On December 15, the UK Trade Remedies Authority proposed to maintain the current anti-dumping and countervailing measures on monoalkyl fatty acid ester (FAME) biodiesel for an additional five years, but to remove the current similar measures. in place for the renewable diesel produced. from paraffinic gas oil resulting from synthesis or from hydrotreatment, of non-fossil origin (HVO).

The UK has an established FAME biodiesel industry which would continue to be protected by these measures. The UK, however, given that no domestic production of HVO renewable diesel and the expiration of anti-dumping and countervailing measures on HVO renewable diesel would benefit UK agriculture and transport industries, as well as users of oil heating, according to TRA.

“The TRA findings on biofuels show how we can tailor existing measures to better suit the UK economy,” said TRA Managing Director Oliver Griffiths. “Our proposals would ensure that UK biodiesel producers continue to be protected from unfair international competition from subsidized US products, while helping to drive down prices for users of a type of biodiesel that is not made in the UK. -United”

A public comment period on the proposal will be open for 30 days. Further information is available on the UK Government website.

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