UP consumer panel fines airlines Rs 85.5 lakh

Lucknow: The National Consumer Appeal Board in Lucknow ordered IndiGo airlines to pay Rs 85.5 lakh in compensation and damages to plaintiff Vinay Shankar Tiwari for lack of service and unfair business practices.

Commission member Rajendra Singh, in his order, stated that IndiGo was to pay Rs 35 lakh as compensation, Rs 50 lakh for mental agony and harassment and Rs 50,000 as the cost of the case as well as interest in the case. rate of 10 percent per year. .

Tiwari, had booked a plane ticket from Lucknow to Delhi via Cleartrip on April 15, 2013. His PNR number was ERBVLS of IndiGo flight # 6 E-141 while the departure time was 10:50 am. He reached Lucknow Airport and checked in the flight and was in his assigned seat # 5A.

Just before takeoff, the cabin crew informed him that his ticket had been canceled and abruptly disembarked him from the flight. Tiwari checked with Cleartrip and was informed that on their side, there had been no ticket cancellations.

Further investigation by IndiGo revealed that Shailendra canceled the ticket in the morning at 7:38 a.m.

The state commission ruled that if it was presumed that the ticket was canceled at 7:38 a.m., then why had they allowed Tiwari to check in on the flight. IndiGo Airlines did not submit said person’s cell phone number or a screenshot of a message to Tiwari.

After reviewing all the circumstances and evidence on the record, the State Commission said there was a lack of service by IndiGo airlines and that it also committed an unfair trade practice with a passenger who was going to attend. at an urgent meeting in Delhi.

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