Upset bride to get Rs 50,000 refund from wedding photo company

Six months before her wedding date, Nerul resident Neha Karangutkar had hired the services of a wedding photography company for the wedding and haldi ceremonies which were to take place in March 2019. She had even rented a private yacht at India Gate for her planned pre-wedding shoot at an Arabian Sea location. However, half of her pre-wedding photoshoot photos got corrupted due to a software glitch the company encountered. As a result, a consumer commission earlier this month ordered the Andheri company to reimburse him 50,000 rupees.

The commission also ordered Confetti Films to pay him compensation and legal costs of Rs 5,000 and Rs 2,000 respectively. The unfortunate bride had complained that, under the terms of the contract, the company was supposed to provide her with raw footage as well as edited photos and videos at the highest resolution. She said that due to her negligence, the software files of the photos from the pre-wedding photoshoot got corrupted. She was also unhappy with the remaining photos, as they were of poor resolution, in addition to being unedited. She said that after her email correspondence, the company agreed to pay her Rs 56,000 on the rupees. 74,000, she had paid it, but the refund never came.

The company did not appear before the commission despite being given notice and the complainant’s version was therefore not contested. The commission noted, however, that she did not come before it with her own hands, as the emails she produced as evidence did not contain the entire lead and contained only her responses. He did not believe her complaint that the photos were unretouched and of poor resolution, as she had not attached a single photo to support her claims.

He decided, however, that as the emails showed the company had provided a refund and apparently had not delivered as promised, that it had failed in service and engaged in unfair business practices. Commission member Preeti Chamikutty said it was the company’s fault that half of Karangutkar’s pre-wedding photos were corrupted. To the extent that the photos were altered, she found that the company was liable to pay a certain amount to the complainant.

Posted: Monday February 14th 2022, 7:22 PM IST

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