Virals: Everton owner Farhad Moshiri criticizes ESL proposals

Everton’s Anglo-Iranian owner Farhad Moshiri has weighed in on the recent European Super League controversy over talkSPORT, claiming the ‘big six’ are attacking the Premier League.

The owner criticized ESL in which rivals Liverpool would join a host of elite European clubs to create a American closed store league – one without relegation.

Funded by more £ 4 billion in loans According to US investment bank JP Morgan, the system would ensure vastly expanded and more stable income streams for the European elite – but it would mean the end of football pyramids across Europe.

Everton posted a strongly worded official statement this morning, fiercely condemning the separatist “big six” clubs, and Moshiri himself stepped out to echo the sentiments formally expressed by his club.

Moshiri claimed that the move is designed to reflect a similar power grab that it thinks came with financial fair play regulation, arguing that such moves “cemented” a football’s “big six” oligopoly at the expense of rival clubs.

He claimed that “all facets” of the proposal “are against the idea of ​​British football”, saying it is “six clubs attacking the Premier League and should be punished”, calling for a point deduction for the teams involved this season.

Read Everton’s verdict

Moshiri has shown commendable leadership by sticking his head above the parapets to speak out on such an evocative and controversial issue that is preoccupying the football world at the moment.

European football will need to bring out as many influential voices as possible if we are to stand firm to ensure that the proposed reforms are dead in the water.

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