Voters’ rejection of park proposal allows Cleveland Heights to move full speed ahead on Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook

As part of a “friendly bet” between their two cities during the 2020 U.S. Census campaign, Cleveland Heights Mayor Kahlil Seren, left, and University Heights Mayor Michael Dylan Brennan, right, took advantage of the 150th National Tree Day celebration on April 29 to plant a new “census tree” on Washington Boulevard in front of the CH-UH City School District’s Delisle Options Center. The bet was to see which city could have the most residents in June 2020. While University Heights’ efforts succeeded in counting more missing residents overall, Cleveland Heights won for the month of June. With the two mayors also taking a shovel, Brennan paid the bet by having the city of University Heights plant a new tree on the Cleveland Heights side of Washington Boulevard where residents of both cities can enjoy it. (Photo courtesy of Mike Thomas)Michael Thomas

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio — As the day drew to a close on May 3, people finally had their say on the issue of public land use at the corner of Lee Road and Meadowbrook Boulevard.

Residents voted overwhelmingly against setting aside just over an acre of city-owned property as a dedicated park, in favor of a long-sought $50 million development that waits in the wings.

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