XQc Tackles LA Infrastructure, Plans to Take Action to Fix Stream Disruptions Caused by Internet Problems

During a Twitch stream on January 6, xQc expressed frustration with Los Angeles’ infrastructure and frequent internet issues.

Earlier in the stream, xQc noticed a significant delay between their chat and the actual livestream, which has been a recurring issue in recent weeks. The French-Canadian streamer then opened a notes tab to type his vitriolic message.

“I’m done with this crappy internet situation we’ve had for about 3 weeks,” typed the Twitch star. “I’m going to go home and stream from the old place. It was a good time here but I enjoy the flow and the viewers time, I hate when [people] have a bad viewing experience. Keeping the quality of his feed at the forefront, xQc has declared his intention to return home, possibly referring to Quebec, Canada.

XQc ended its stream shortly after, but not before turning its ad into a tirade against Los Angeles’ infrastructure and internet. “I can’t even tell if the cat can read this, with the flow lagging behind,” xQc wrote. “Fuck the LA infrastructure, fuck the ISP.” Fuck it [oligopolies] and the absolutely dire internet setup here. Dog shit.

XQc reiterated his feelings on Twitter shortly after the stream, reaffirming that he was planning to return home, “wherever it is, and that it will return to its normal broadcast soon. XQc’s time in Los Angeles has been a short adventure and the popular streamer will now be looking to stream elsewhere after several frustrating weeks.

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