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For those who have become curious about incorporating legal cannabis products into their trunk of herbal home apothecary and wellness products – especially those with well-known benefits for an uplifting and energetic mood – welcome to the latest in a series of educational articles debunking cannabis in the age of legalization.

LEE – Whether you’re someone with good natural sleep health or have found ways to increase it, according to the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep in America 2020 study, nearly half of adults studied say that feeling tired can affect their ability to focus their thoughts, exercise, or just have the energy to get things done.

But more importantly, 57% of Americans questioned say they have no problems sleeping, but still feel lethargic 2.4 days a week. Translation: A lot of people end up with a good, steady sleep, but a little extra step in your glide and hip dive is needed nonetheless.

In short: you deserve to have energy for the day.

For those who have become curious to incorporate legal cannabis products in its vault of home apothecaries and herbal wellness products – especially those known to have benefits known to improve and boost energetic moods – welcome to the latest in a series of demystifying educational articles cannabis in the age of legalization.

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Let us paint you a picture of your experience a local Berkshires dispensary may look like, where you feel like they’re running on your time, and not the other way around …


CANNA CURIOUS, someone who may still be new to the world of legal cannabis purchases, or maybe someone who took an extended sabbatical to start learning that there is a whole world to be discovered. cannabis products that improve mood and energy.

Upon entering the dispensary, CANNA CURIOUS is greeted by a friendly guide from the car park. After being asked if they had a pre-order on the dispensary’s website and arrived for a safe curbside pickup for COVID, CANNA CURIOUS reveals that she doesn’t even know what to order, and even less how.

Even though CANNA CURIOUS is in her 40s, the hostess checks her identity. She doesn’t mind, because she knows this is just one of the many rules that should be followed at dispensaries in Massachusetts. In that brief moment of identity verification, CANNA CURIOUS begins to hear the thud of music emanating from inside the dispensary and the telltale flowery scent touches her nose.

Once his ID card is returned, CANNA CURIOUS walks inside and the music gets a little louder, and the faint smell of lemon and cannabis gets a little stronger, the smell of cleanser reminds you of how everything should be. impeccable these days. Canna Provisions staff keep busy between customers, spraying and cleaning. CANNA PROVISIONS thinks about how the stick looks like it is waxing, like Daniel-san in “The Karate Kid”.

CANNA CURIOUS came out of its 80s reverie with the welcoming voice of a budtender. As she walks over to the counter, she notices the relaxed and warm interior, hundreds of local products to explore, and recalls the reason for her visit: energy and how cannabis can potentially play a role.

The last time CANNA CURIOUS was helped by a baby boomer budtender; this time it’s a younger woman, who reminds CANNA CURIOUS of a younger version of herself, but much luckier, having grown up in the age of cannabis legalization. She asks the budtender, from Berkshire, about products that don’t need to be smoked.


CANNA CURIOUS asks about products other than flowers, something more familiar, like a packaged product, that could be more comfortable. The guide relays a range of options available at stores like Canna Provisions in Lee. Products like 1906 Drops, which have a quick onset time of 20 minutes, and the “Go” line, which combines a blend of cannabis, caffeine and three herbal ingredients (think amino acids derived from tea green and Alpina Galanga Grass) to promote energy.

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A range of cannabis options are available at stores like Canna Provisions in Lee. Products like 1906 Drops, which have a quick onset time of 20 minutes, and the “Go” line, which combines a blend of cannabis, caffeine and three herbal ingredients (think amino acids derived from tea green and Alpina Galanga Grass) to promote energy.

Other energy formulations can have a steep impact, so it’s good to have options to drink as a pick-me-up, and until a guide suggests, CANNA CURIOUS had no idea there was. sparkling water drinks dosed with THC.

Plus, given that CANNA CURIOUS previously worked with a learning guide to extract or whole plant infusion tinctures for sleep, CANNA CURIOUS numbers are now a good time to try the infused versions. of sativa. CANNA CURIOUS reminds that tinctures, when placed in food or under your tongue, use all of the plant’s beneficial cannabinoids, which interact with your body through your endocannabinoid system.

CANNA CURIOUS has no problem imagining what it would be like to eat a few infused chews and learns that there are also cinnamon chews made with sativa for energy.

Easy to swallow pill shape. A drink with sparkling water dosed in a can. All natural cinnamon chews. CANNA CURIOUS suddenly doesn’t feel so overwhelmed.


CANNA CURIOUS now has one of each in their basket for energy, but decided to try the sativa tincture on the next visit. CANNA CURIOUS leaves with suggestions for more information on cannabis – specifically the different varieties of cannabis for energy and pep (some call it ‘cleaning up home cannabis’) and is reminded to contact via the the clinic’s online chat feature, as well as their customer service phone number for future questions.

CANNA CURIOUS comes home and tries the purchased products, according to the advice from the dispensary guide, and remembers the advice (chew whole pepper!) On how to lower the “high” THC, if that is uncomfortable.

CANNA CURIOUS has become a little less curious and is on the way to becoming CANNA INFORMED.


VITALS: Canna Provisions Lee, 220 Housatonic St., Lee, MA 01238, 413-225-4085,, [email protected] PLEASE CONSUME RESPONSIBLY. This product can cause problems and can be habit-forming. For use only by adults 21 years of age or older. Keep out of the reach of children. This product has not been tested or approved by the Food and Drug Administration. There is little information on the side effects of using this product, and there may be health risks associated with it. The use of marijuana during pregnancy and breastfeeding can have potential harmful effects. It is forbidden to drive or use machines under the influence of this product. KEEP THIS PRODUCT AWAY FROM CHILDREN. There may be health risks associated with the consumption of this product. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination and judgment. The harmful effects of edibles can be delayed for two hours or more. In the event of accidental ingestion, contact the poison control hotline 800-222-1222 or 9-1-1. This product may be illegal outside of Massachusetts.

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